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On the iheartradio app or anywhere else. You podcasts. Thirty five week stay on the chart this week in one thousand nine hundred just weeks after his death. John Lennon's just like starting over goes to number one this week in one thousand nine hundred four Pearl Jam went to number one on the us album chart with policy their third studio album was first released on vinyl record only followed by a release and other formats two weeks later and this week in one thousand nine hundred seventy three the number one song on the billboard hot one hundred Jim crow Chee time in a bottle. Up. Stain. There's your look back at this week's rock almanac. I heart radio fantasy sports news update. Indian jeans hardened is expected to play on Thursday for the rockets against the Celtics hard suffered a minor tweaks to his left calf early in the rockets Christmas day win over Oklahoma City. Otto porter jR, has been ruled out for Friday's game against the bulls for the wizards the ninth consecutive game out of the lineup baseball, according to Jefferson of Yahoos fourth the twins and Nelson Cruz aren't agreement on a one year fourteen point three million dollar contract with an option for twenty twenty crews will make a fourteen million dollars salary in two thousand nine hundred and the club option for twenty twenty three twelve million with a three hundred thousand dollar out in the NFL the athletics. Michael Lombardi reports Jim Caldwell will interview for two more open head coaching jobs. Besides Green Bay coach Dirk koetter wouldn't rule out. Giving Ryan Grigson snap board back week seventeen against the falcons with Jaimes Winston potential gone at the end of the season. Tampa Bay may want to see what Griffin can do I van traveling. This has been your fantasy sports radio network. News update fantasy sports radio network keyword fantasy on your iheartradio app. Sean Hannity. Check him out on Twitter, you can find at Sean Hannity. This is the Sean Hannity show.

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