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Couldn't get through to a prophet our bianteille that doesn't care dab i'm gonna tell you he doesn't care they don't care they don't care what you the voters think you are not who they are afraid of they are afraid of others lobbyists donors you name it even though he's not running anymore he still needs a future the new something and the people he's being loyal to here are going to have something to say about what his future as they don't care about the voters i am convinced of this at tea westwood one presents viewpoint with bukhari sellers my friend charles barkley donald trump does not in a good presidents number one young pass anything with it's just chaos all the time every day is chaos every single day the most really unfortunate because we got some serious still them in here on may we got the opioid epidemic that's a big deal brooks said we are talking about daca with illegal immigrant does the big deal texas we got flawed or we got puerto rico virgin island rose eight you're just a begas busy this is what the democrats are losers all the talk about every day is russ lake instead of trying to get rid of it a mexa lesson first on his do gambian epidemics three years i so people that all the time nothing's going to happen the him at what the democrats need to do is stop talking so much about race guerrillas is really about economics is ruth people against poor people in this country bukhari sellers viewpoint subscribing apple podcast google play on the westwood one podcast network cbs news update thirteen deaths reported from northern california wildfires the atlas peak fire burning and solano county resident lose mcwhinney keeping her fingers crossed lay the fire alarm fled and today they get cooler weather and lower winds and hopefully everything at us slid on kcp as has met bigler says in solano county hundreds of homes have been evacuated parking lot here at the community college is filling up with cars rv or trailers boat it all folks who have been any evacuation zone they've been told to get out they are going through this community center where they can get help from the red cross so this is pretty serious people are being what happened yesterday they're not take any fat in napa county cal fires berry bearman says man fire is stretch thin resources still continue to be limited we have folks on the.

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