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Get it Find out more. Cdw g dot com slash del Tech 7 38 traffic and weather on the eights back to Jack in the traffic center. Start you off in Maryland. Bruce on I 70 headed eastbound near 17 admires, but we've had word of an accident University Boulevard up near Riggs. Red Mutual Aid with Montgomery, Prince George's County. Running around that crash to 70 South bound been good at a Frederick but at a Rockville headed toward the lane divide after Lane's merge beyond Montrose, where there'd been some tire debris. Hopefully it cleared from the third lane from the right. ST Mary's County. Just a few of our many road closures in southern Maryland. Mechanicsville, three Knights rode South had been blocked between Charlotte Haul Road and Thompson Corner wrote two way traffic operating. Utilizing the North bound lane, you'll find point Look at Road five between Chaptico Road Good Rick Lane at ST Clement's Creek, You'll find that roadway block due to flooding. Same along Route six Newmarket Turner Road. It's black, north of three Knights rode again. Persimmon Creek is out of its banks, The roadways flooded out. You will find the Beltway's a little bit slow topside New Hampshire River toward Georgia inter loop of the Beltway. The trouble spot seems to be a zero down towards Central Avenue. There's activity before Exit 15 along the right side of the roadway with the vehicle off the roadway. Pretty torn up off the roadway to the right response. Should be on scene now rested the ride down toward the Wilson Bridge. You're okay in the district getting slower. CC to 95 South after Eastern Avenue toward East Capitol Street. There'd been a light pole down in the road way south and on South Capitol Street before Overlook Avenue. Stay left to get by. Now you'll find in Virginia 66 East a little bit heavy coming into Centerville than some slowing approaching 50. There was a crash after 1 23 that got moved over onto the shoulder. Hi. Standing water had been reported north bound on the George Washington Parkway under the memorial Bridge. Use caution inside the Beltway. 66 West after glee, Bro. There was work in the right lane. Not slow anybody down. Yates, Ford Road west near 12 Oaks Drive followed police direction. There've been reports of a downed tree you'll find on the rails this morning Mark Camden Train, 8 49 running about 15 to 20 minutes late holding for an eastbound freight train. You'll also find on the Camden Line Train, 8 49 20 minutes late Manassas line Train 3 28 30 minutes. Delayed from an earlier mechanical issue, and mark Camden trains 8 42 and 8 43 were cancelled this morning due to mechanical issues being accommodated by trains. 8 44 and 8 45 Jack Taylor, w T o P. Traffic and Our forecast from Storm team for a meteorologist Lauren Rickets Temperatures today will be back in the mid to upper eighties. We've got plenty of sunshine around and Or less.

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