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In investigating the death of a three year old child who is left in a hot car for hours yesterday this advice from San Antonio police lieutenant Jesse salon remember those little things of little details that will help you know try to prevent things like this police say the toddler was left in the car in the driveway after parents brought their two children home from ball game and each parent thought the other had taken the child out of the car work to form Israel's new government now under way nobody got the required majority prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu came in second to general Benny Gantz and his centrist parties as ABC's Giordana Miller in Jerusalem with the largest party and a larger centrist bloc guns is more likely to be tasked by Israel's president to form the next government he's vowed not to include Netanyahu in a unity government due to the pending criminal charges against him if you folks right now own pieces of bank robbery history after a Texas auction says A. B. C.'s Thailand this year's miss Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow we round banks sector Warren Beatty in the nineteen sixties film the glamorize the bank robber lifestyle of Bonnie and Clyde decades after they were killed by officers in Louisiana the bowl of a watch that bar a war when he and Bonnie Parker were fatally shot by police in nineteen thirty four sold for more than a hundred and twelve thousand dollars a sawed off shotgun that was in the possession of the barrel gang and thirty three sold for nearly sixty nine thousand and a draft of a police wanted poster for borrow brought in more than four thousand dollars our child ends this is ABC news if you're like me you'll take walking seriously so you work locks from Skechers.

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