A new story from Dave Ramsey


Ramseys. Joe Biden to fix the economy. We have to get control over the virus. I'm releasing a plan to save lives in the months ahead. We need to increase federal support for chest, doubling the number of drive through testing sites. Rapson needed clear message from the very top of our federal government that everyone needs to wear masks in public. Every single frontline worker should have personal protective equipment that they need to be safe. We need to support schools and childcare programs. Parents if and when they can return to work, confident that their Children will be safe and cared for finally way need to protect the population. Most risk our seniors vulnerable population of preexisting conditions. We need really plans really guidelines with uniform nationwide standards. Simple proposition, folks. For all this together, we've got to fight this together. We'll emerge from this stronger because we did it together. I'm Joe White candidate for president and I approve this message. Pay for my bike. I was having a lot of Sinus infections. My Sinuses were clogged pressure headaches Linda suffered for years.

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