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A trip back from the sure points heading towards the West Bend span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Yeah. Looking at about a 5.5 mile delay now within the delay right before Rudy Roman Cold Group we do have report of crash activity blocking the right side of the roadway. Three going westbound. No delays at Sandy Point in two lanes heading over the eastbound spam route. 31 North bound still moves slowly. Dog ran over the nice Mac Middleton Bridge into Maryland. No issues heading South Burn Capital Bellway pretty quiet in both directions in Prince George's County, Montgomery County in decent shape. 95 no problems between the two beltways minor volume delays on the South Side and the BW Parkway from the area of right around the 50 split up through the Beltway and inbound New York Avenue heading into the district After South Dakota avenues still dealing with crash activity block on the left side, no issues on the freeway volume deploys both directions at D. C to 95. Well, we're backed up roughly from the area Benning Road to Pennsylvania Avenue. No incidents reported all volume and good right in both directions on I 2 95 over in Virginia, Still a bit slow coming down on the inner loop of the capital building from the Tysons Corner area. Delays from the tall road all the way down to the American Legion Bridge. 3 95 66 traveling incident framed Things have used a bit self beyond 95. We're finding delays from Lauren over the Occoquan a better ride after dumb freeze, And then the self Tiendalli's still are a bit slower. Approaching route. 17 and Feldman fading into Fredericksburg, north founders no reprieve. Unfortunately, we're still slow through Thornburg, Fredericksburg, 17 in Falmouth. If then sell What you're north of Stafford. But we are finding northbound lanes before the Occoquan. Once you're over the bridge Traffic opens up nicely all the way currently to the Springfield interchange. Rick McClure updates is in the district Now that crash inbound New York Avenue after South Dakota Avenue totally cleared with your travel lanes open. Get a king bed for Queen Price and mattress firm and save up to $500 on top rated brands like Seeley and Sleepy Steve Dresner. W T o P Traffic, Let's go to storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue into the evening hours. Any storms that do develop could be severe, especially across.

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