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Mice and rodents and all that stuff and so I read this article and I was driving to Piedmont to visit the twins and I look up and there's a white red tail hawk like to it's fun and it you know nine fellow red tail hawk letter and then I wrote does about a mile north of that there was a chocolate hock away from Alaska so I've been trying to get in touch with the garrison to interview him about it but yeah he's remained aloof so yeah I'll just have to tell you what I know that's cool that's pretty cool I love when they come down like you realize how big they are when they come down here you or yeah or near your card in the country and then you realize how they're so gigantic well and the blessing of living on the creek yeah of them when it flooded is that we get all this wildlife Friday and we get blue herons we get yep cranes we get all kinds of things US regularly yeah so but not I'd never seen a chocolate hot you know you know what I saw this summer was our sounds weird I was floating around in the pool but I thought I notice since I thought I saw someone in I saw like a face and I got to looking I had a barred owl in the tree in the oak and he stayed there for ever they are so like they match the oak trees so I saw that those two and thought I might what I like is that weekly yes it's a phase yeah it's and I am saying barred not barn because the first thing when I went to work and said I saw a barred owl honoring means you mean everybody goes you mean a barn Allen I said no I looked up at the barn owl but they're beautiful beautiful animals I just was really surprised to see him out it during the day and he stayed for so long and just watch me you know the kid actually the Lana came out took a picture of a me just I guess he was just stuff came for a visit but I did hear that they share territories with fox because they hunt at night and the hawks hunt by day and so like they don't they don't they can be in the same exact territory I guess they pass each other hi Bob winner change unless you have you for yeah but I thought that was really interesting the biology of it yeah so well that is fun yeah and your bird feeder thing made me think of that yeah in the end that is really part of the deal when you're Gardner is the birds do comma and I saw it last year I saw a rainbow bunting I was looking out at my feet from inside and I'd never seen one before I've heard people say you know they've seen seen them they're out there yes they are but they're you know it's a lot not a very big bird it kinda looks like a well I don't know it's definitely multi colored rainbow venting their small over yeah they are yeah almost the colors of a tulip just multicolored yeah yes the tulip on I'm at Paris appear I played for too long well yeah yeah there's another plant that could be red or orange tulip thanks to let there you go yeah the Bedlam plant and the other one I was thinking of was a rose have an orange rose and I have a red rose yes I set for clocks so you could you were talking about species I thought you were talking about that is that is red and then it turns orange or its oranges I don't know just a plant that could have read orange flower yeah yeah my trick trick you know that Jamie is a trigger I know he uses really kind of obscure plants yeah he does so yeah we've he's kind of an obscure plant person yes you know what I mean we need to take a break but when we come back we will talk more about would you use in the house eight four oh one thousand star one thousand you're listening to the garden party happy holidays some one thousand Katie okay yes.

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