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Were comfortable throwing through on the field whereas Devante Adams and Aaron Jones. He's lost one of those two guys. You're going to throw it to Jones 12 times a game behind the line of scrimmage. There's no receiver talent in this passing game right now. And okay, sure, maybe they could run the ball well. The scheme is good at opening guys. Yeah, but it's not. That'll play in the regular season, so when you get 11 games and it's the north bad shirt when the division, you ain't making a playoff run with that. I asked these week, but it's not that week. We got to see what movies passes make because I said they should be able to open a little bit of safe. They've been in the veteran market now since before this news, but I do not consider them on the Echelon of the rams, even after losing Bond. I don't consider them on the Echelon of the bus. I don't view them as a kind of community. And then you have Brady who goes, I feel like one of the reasons he came back was because the NFC was, you know, he just probably felt like it was wide open, the more he looked at it. I really do think that he thought about that. And now it's even more wide open. On the flip side, you have McDaniels goes to Vegas. And one of the first things he does is trade away picks for a franchise receiver, which is something Bill Belichick never would have done. It's almost like watching my son leave the house and then order like $250 of stuff from 7 11 and just like eating Doritos and soda. I was like, yeah, dad, look at me. I do thought it was funny that that was the guy that traded it for devonta Adams. When I realized that Adams was now in the Daniels guy and my first thought was like, Josh dinos has never had a receipt of this good ever. And then I remember that Randy Moss existed. Right. But it's so long, it's been so long since we've seen the Daniels with a star receiver. And I'm really interested to see what that looks like. It's very easy to figure out how to run for under Renfro makes sense for Josh Daniels. We see him work with players like that before. Very easy to figure out how Darren Waller works for Josh mcdaniel. We see him more for the player like that before and Aaron Hernandez. Devonte Adams is now a we call them a force multiplier, right? It's not just that out of this so good. It's that he's going to make it easier for McDaniels to use Renfro in the welcome role. It's going to make him easier for him to use Waller and they aren't Hernandez role, but he is a rising tide that lets all vote in this raider's offense right now. Doesn't make Daniels is everything he's billed as as an offensive designer. And I like McGill as a path to game designer. He's got a lot of resume, big creative exchange of what he does..

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