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Making a roster better but they're not gonna be able to do that so again it's it doesn't like him for the process it all but you know that that the bomber part of it and know what you don't know the kind of you know these guys are looking at for a medical sorry forum but that's that's kind of the the let down in this whole process is they're not gonna be together you know to celebrate when it's all done well either way whatever they're gonna have to do starting on Thursday night on ESPN radio with row one they got that figured out between now and on Saturday night with the NFL virtual drop is going to happen Jim day could be a part of that coverage hit him on Twitter at Jim Nikki underscore S. B. he's the exactly the rector of Reese's senior bowl also the great job as an ESPN NFL draft analyst Jim always appreciate the time my friend enjoy the drive comes this weekend you'll be a part of take care and be safe as well yeah predicates red neon enjoy the drafted enough I'm ready to talk seven hours on Saturdays I don't have anything that gets watered hot tea ready gonna needed for the fights there is a lot of people out of it we'll definitely hear those guys on Saturday as well as Friday and Thursday part of the NFL draft coverage on ESPN radio first not covered at seven o'clock eastern time four o'clock on the west coast speaking of the in bath coming up next especially the first round it will equal the sweepstakes involving this player and this work involving the same player with me by that next on ESPN radio spending a lot of time at all did you know you can listen to Freddie and Fitzsimmons and all of the S. P. N. radio on your smart speaker just say play C-SPAN radio now playing ESPN radio more from Freddie and Fitzsimmons coming up anyone who has ever needed self storage knows what a hassle it can be you have to rent or borrow a truck and then find someone to help you move your stuff and let's face it moving furniture and heavy items without damaging them isn't easy renting the unit is worse the hidden fees and admin costs are scarier than the dingy facilities you're leaving your stuff then why not use classifieds instead cluster boxes self storage without leaving home they'll pick up your belongings store them securely.

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