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Duly skin you know it really is great staff. Let me ask you this. It's like do you have the Like the high top bugs. Yeah absolutely press box so the Tallinn's which come like halfway up your calf of the ankle boots which come just above your ankles that are really good to flying and then I have these bad boys that are might indoor house slippers. That's what I got. I got only minor pink. Thank minor as manly as these can get a hold on but like do you fly. Here's like I almost because I was was in New York for so long. I almost flaine. That's not what the the low top ones but with the high top ones. I can't be that guy. I can't be the flaw guy that flies in eggs WANNA know who is the king of male dogs right now. I wish I could get him on that. He hates shoes blood. Yeah blood has worn upwards since I can remember like way before cool or thing like both my parents. They had like the tall like halfway up your leg of eggs that they used to walk around the farm and then and to this day like that is my dad's ultimate choice of footwear. He rocks eggs. He flies in them. Honestly he'd probably perform in them if my mom would let him like he lubes them. Feel like billy ray needs to get on stage in some mugs and you know he also needs the sponsorship. Oh he for sure into sponsorship speaking of so. We're recording this before the grammys. I'm doing a pre show so I've been doing a bunch of research. How Old Town road a a for record of the year? The problem is this is a stack the lineup. He's going up against. Let's the grammys. What do you expect I know but like body body bears on? They're not GONNA win much. I love you Justin Vernon Billy eyelash Bagai. That's me tough or `Grande seven rings going to be tough but I thought that was so long ago that that's not GonNa win the her situation hard place. She's cool. I'm rooting for that. Because Rubio mom and her husband had it. Does some help right in that song. So bottom line. All the songs were huge close to being with this list L.. Here's no matter how long this list is. No one can beat eight old town roads record. Yeah they have the have the record for the longest holding spot a number one ever compete with that. Yeah you're right you're right Khalid's on their the Liz Oh and post Malone and Swaley so I think you're right. I think that's a good call. I think that Old Town road is GonNa win in record of the year. I don't know if he's GonNa win album of the year though now. I think that I think bill or Lizard is going to win album of the year ending named Billy. I will clean up pretty good this year. Yeah I agree not here super exciting. Please tell your dad. That won't see him. Well maybe I will build a carpet. But it's it's hard to miss you know. I know guess who decided to walk the carpet. Noah already was Tisch. It's amazing. I can't wait to see your look. I can't either. She says you know. She claims that she does. She hates attention. She hates getting getting dressed up. She hits the whole process of getting ready Blah. But she does this. We're she'll be like I'm not going out long get dressed up and then the day of shall decide to go. I was talking to yesterday and she was like. I think I'm going to go and just walk the carpet and I'm not going to sit in the audience. Like Noah can do that. That's what she's doing well dealer for you to see my look. It's a bold one. must say Maceo right now. You know what this is the time to be bold. The grammys are the ultimate time to be bold red carpet. All right. I'm going White Jack Jack who yeah. Yeah you're GonNa Look Very Tan and white. No but I've lost my Tan. I have lost my Tampa returned to me really early and white makes you look more Tan. I think you'RE GONNA look bear ten. Well I'm excited about it. You WanNa talk show or what I think it's you I don't know. Oh I did. She actually buckle up your seat belts frozen hose. You're listening to your favorite thing. PODCAST wells buckle. Oh your seatbelts is really. We've really embraced really embraced. It's quite nice excited about the show. Today we are going to have well someone that everyone wanted to be the bachelor but didn't become the bachelor of Mike. Johnson will be on the show a little bit later. You had a little crush on my Johnson. Let's just say it didn't you. He's super good looking she. We're good looking guy. Seemed seemed really. Nice Yeah Yeah big crush. He's really cute. I met him ever so briefly at Iheart festival this last year. He was standing out there during hiring miles performance and I got to say hi to him so he seems really nice. The after watching this week's bachelor episode like I feel like Mike can have two thoughts. Here he can be like mad. Dodged a bullet. Peter is drowning in. This looks hard or or he's probably like I should have picked me after watching this big episode on like it get a little bit of a backbone Peter. Yeah that's my one thing is like all those women smell blood in the water and they know that they're able to you kind of make them feel crappy if these things were in a vacuum singular things that will be the focal point but they are able to have a scapegoat for all of it. I just feel a little vindicated because my hot take last week. was that La Eliah how you say your name was was kind of being bullied and then you see this week that like you made up not knowing her lady you know all right so then what are your thoughts about about F- Four. Everyone is turning on him. There's usually this whole unspoken rule of the bachelor can do no wrong or the Bachelorette Bachelorette can do no wrong. You know what I mean but this year the season the girls are turning on him. He kinda deserves it. You think so Kinda. It's just he he. He makes moves that someone would normally do like giving Sydney that rose after she called that girl out like you said you said it was like rewarding bad behavior. It was like that I don't know just the whole back and forth on everybody and for me I just don't understand why get so hung up this early on one person because I mean if I were there and he was all hung up on this elaine situation and spent the entire date with her and making her feel okay and giving her. The rose goes after he'd sent her home and there's so many other women left like I would feel I would feel the way they do and I honestly it's like if you WanNa land that bad dad just frigging picker. Instead and everybody'll I don't know in his defense I think he's like I got bad information. And that's not fair to myself and it's not fair to a Laya. Sorry if you guys all piled on that girl this is what you get that moment in the rose ceremony. When what's what's the girl's name the that made up the store that didn't know Elaine? What's her name? I don't even know name Victoria Right. And she's like only WanNa talk to you. I know I didn't want to do this right now. I don't want to sit down if I were like all right. Then get the fuck Outta here because I would tend to both home. Yeah other because you said you didn't know her dude and then kind of I just went to Vegas together. You guys are both lying to me. So you know sent him both home. Get them both out here. You know what I mean. Yeah maybe so. If we learned anything Pizza Nice guy kind of being the astle that would just be super confusing. Guess he said it a million times like as long as you are super honest with from jump street than we're good and I'd be like Hey Victoria you've fucking wide so you don't get to be upset here. SISTER OKAY IF ANYONE GETS TO BE UPSET. It's me because I don't see everything you guys do. So I'm musing. You guys to tell me what's going on and if you don't want to be here because you don't want her to be here great but tell me that but don't make up stuff that that really kind of like I don't know why I was like Dude Center home right now if you have that attitude Didn't like that in doing that. Thing of like this is maybe a bad analogy. She but you know when you get caught cheating. The person that gets caught cheating than turns on the other person and the makes it about them. That's what she did to him like you. You got caught lying to him and now your mad called projection for sure. I didn't like that I don't either. I like I like I said I mean I feel like I would have been like you know what y'all both a home because years you're just causing too much crap but here's the other thing my whole thing with the Laya is when that many people don't like someone and have a problem with someone. There's there's adding that's A. That's a sign that something you know what I mean like. That's a red flag like you. Don't WanNa be with someone. That has a hard time getting along with other people. I mean that's just something. There's a flaw in someone's character when that many people don't like them and that would be the reds. I wouldn't have been like. Oh One person said you're a liar and they don't know you know you're saying you do go. Oh home I would. I would say listen if this many people have a problem with you. That's a red flag to me and that's where my concern. I feel that and like I feel like that's what Sarah is saying to. Let's just start start from the beginning. Everyone from Cleveland is like fuck you guys. They're Harrison's like we're going to in Cleveland Ohio and they're like yeah coke okay. My favorite thing about the other Victoria Dettori or something he gets in the plane by the way now come some convinced that they pick Peter because he makes it so much easier for them to get people places for dates because he can fly them now for sure you know on private pilots like it'll be fine. I'm like this a a lot of work for me guys. Yeah so they're in the plane. Look there's an amusement park and Victoria's like I love the museum are and then wait. Are Those Roller coasters. And I was like what the fuck do you think are at museum parks amusement..

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