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Within the legends are made even bigger by his personality so hey he did hit a home run the world series and he made sure the cuts heard about it and he went around the basis. James as you researched this book and this particular person was there something in that research that surprised you I wouldn't say so much surprising. Been writing of a baseball history in the past had really good knowledge of Babe Ruth but I think touching a little bit earlier his connection with kids with something that really enjoyed reading more about finding out more about. He's been a lot of time The off-season meeting with kids as he traveled around the country. He would always make a point of going to hospitals. He paid for a lot of stuff at Saint Mary. After he left he bought them all uniforms. He supported the school and it was a terrible fire. He helped rebuild it He was a great supporter of kids in a way that wasn't just designed to make him look good. It was because he really believed in it and I think to see him in that context sort of helps under help me understand him more as a person Than just a a famous athlete. We've a couple of minutes left. But I think about him. He he enjoyed barnstorming. Did He. Not When the season was over with with other ballplayers absolutely got in big trouble with the commissioner for it a couple of times too because landed did not like it when ballplayers went out and played on their own but they babe ruth is big enough that he can do that and yeah. That was a great way for him to expand his Notoriety to let people see him as number. Of course you couldn't you can barely see him. Newsreels NOT V. Very little radio. You just read about him in the papers unless you could go to the ballpark in American League city. You couldn't see Babe Ruth play. Well the barnstorming tours were perfect for that. He'd gather a few his Beja League pals including Lou Gehrig for a couple of seasons and they would make a whistle stop tour of different parts of the country and play a game every day for twenty five or thirty days in a row and it was fantastic and it was the biggest thing that ever happened to a lot of different cities in that time. I live out here in Santa Barbara California. And they'd played down the street from me at the. What's now the City College field? The no the Babe Ruth played on that field. It's a great feeling and to this day to know that he he made it out here so I can only imagine what it was like back then when he would roll into a small town and the entire town would turn out to watch the day. Well congratulations on this book. We're GONNA make it a selection of the month on the sports byline. Usa Book Corner. And I hope you'll come back with us again when you have another book out. Take Care James. Absolutely very much. Appreciate your support. Take Care James. Buckley junior with US and again prolific author. He has more than one hundred and fifty books to his credit part of that. Who was biography series? And you might WANNA check out this latest book. Show Me History Babe Ruth. Baseball's all time best we've got John Sports byline. It has been said that everyone a book in them. But you have the time or the ability to write your book. Maybe you picked up some skills or head a life experience that you want to pass on in the form of book to others..

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