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My take her tweet is at the take away we'll be right back after these headlines live from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston attorney general jeff sessions is testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee today on capitol hill democratic lawmakers are questioning him on a wide range of topics including the fbi investigation into russian metal ling in the us presidential election i have never had a meeting with any russian officials to discuss any kind of coordinating campaign in his opening statement sessions also discussed his agencies focus on fighting terrorism prosecuting hate crimes and attacking the the opioid crisis in the u s a man hunt is underway up and down the northeast corridor of interstate ninety five police are searching for a man after shootings in maryland and delaware that left at least three people dead and two wounded and pr is jeffrey reports the first shooting was just before nine a m at of business northeast baltimore where the suspect radi prince worked wilmington delaware police released a photo of the thirty seven year old man and a description of an suv he was driving a black gmc acadia authorities say prince has an address in family in the wilmington area and should be considered armed and dangerous police from maryland delaware in pennsylvania along with the f fbi are involved in the manhunt npr's jeff brady a hotel security guard wounded by a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of concert goers in las vegas is getting his first media interview npr's laura walmsley reports he's appearing on the ellen degeneres show he's compost says that it was an alert about an an open door at that sent him to the 30second floor of the mandalay bay that night a door that he found blocked with metal bracket suddenly compost says he heard rapid fire at first i took cover i felt a burning sensation i went to go lifting without leg up on us all the blood that's all i called it an on my radio the shots have and fired a hotel engineer had arrived to look at the door and compost says he yelled at the engineer and a hotel gas to take cover as more shots rang out authorities now believe that steven paddock shot compost around the same time that he began firing on the crowd at.

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