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They've got i notice procedure. But i think that's something that you can deal with by just sort of putting the drives to one side. And just saying lads look. We've spoken about this. Could you please just do this instead of asking this notification three as we would i mean honestly system works so we will get pretty much the same notification for battles possible slash likely disqualification as we will that. And it's just like yeah. I've seen some common sense. God's kick in but yeah that explains that basically it is the f. i. sticking to procedure absolutely tuiti which is not always a good thing. Is it because of well. A racing is it because of the political heat. Because i think it was. The minister of justice for hungary commented on lewis. Hamilton's comments she felt she does have rights is the representing their country in we all visiting them and bringing all all thoughts and feelings into that country that going to state that position especially when it's sorry politically charged. She was very critical of louis. Saying you understand about this policy you'll just coming in with your own without having done. The research in nashville. You stick to racing. 'cause have a good race weekend but pretty much. Leave it there and obviously we. This is the point. Formula one is that we do. We all still racing in locations where this whole we races. One narrative is in conflict with where we are racing and Massive massive criticism lot fans have of the people have in terms of how we position it. But but for me it does seem a little bit like. Are they doing it because they are under pressure politically from the venues in which they are racing it because they can identify digging on and as league has very well explained Explained they bowled. It underlined race news. That were already their previous races. Where drivers have worn we. Races won t shirts during the national anthem. I never been no reprimand. No side or not that we know of but no you taking off the side and said guys just just racing rolls. We obviously had the whole. The whole incident of louis going appointed partying and wearing a t-shirt whether all very clear rules about that and they did want to very much stick with that in terms of the parties celebrations national anthem. I guess is a similar vein. Because you're meant to be sharing respect pay respect to the venue so again. It's quite like a a sensitive part of the of the celebrations that we have in forming wallin but it does seem a bit weird to me that. There's all of a sudden been a cool to reprimand drivers wearing t-shirts where the hasn't been not even it even though it has been in the rice nice. It's just been bold and underlined. Since we've moved to different news site. I be interested to ni- cognitive the reasons behind that whether or not we ever get reasons behind that weather on outrageous looking into it because it is a politically charged weekend deny. But i'm i am. I would be quite interested to know why that guy is very interesting that some good digging from un leaked to spot that by dana with we will get any more information on it. But i'm sure that he goes fast spots it if we do. Let's move away from some of the mall contentious issue shall we say unless move to one of the other really fill. Kids stories of today are not the williams. Double points for williams. We saw the immersion of george in the media pen afterwards. i mean. There's no way that the team expecting that coming into today. But just how special was that. Lake is monumental honestly in an address dressler score points before bell. Recently doing it in a mercedes benz doing the williams is very very different. And i think he just speaks to the long journey. He's with williams when he joined in twenty nine. When it was the absolute bottom of spooks it was in. Its worst position. It was miles off the pace and basically spent every single weekend racing and normally basin robert quebec. It's not very fun as a racing driver to be up against one other guy like he wanted to be fighting and he's helped hole that team forward bit by work their way up the field and to this you get in a position where they can score points as we've seen previous races this year but it was always the bad luck would always hit them just when door that if they drove a perfect race be all twenty cars finished as in france today it was just the perfect combination of the they have the right pace in the car. The right time and yeah. Everything kicked off at the start and they took full advantage. We saw next to the tv running in third place such a long time which was incredible and george was second on track at one point but it turned out that he jumped a few caused by being in the slow lane in the pit lane sneaking very buck williams before even being told by the faa. They quickly give up places. Because we don't wanna get any trouble and and then we heard george on the radio like if prioritize nikki like dope don't think about not compromising my rights. You've got to do something. May to get nikki. The teepee further up the order the new absolutely do it. And i just spoke to everything. That's just been so wonderful. Enjoy story with williams and obviously that may well come to an end at the end of this year if he works get move up to mercedes and i think yeah. It's just great to see. And i think the emotion we saw from him in the pan. I think that's absolutely justified. Shows that don't think this guy. He's like all grades mercedes in the future. Like i'm just waiting here and do my time and then i'll get the chance to be with. A property can really fight. He is his heart and soul into williamson. Help make the team now. I think what is going to become aware is going and i think what happens. If we see williams back-up there in the future of that will be down to contribution of george russell so yeah. I really really wonderful display from an analyst nicholas. Tv's not a guy. We talked about very much. No guy we cover much an and i think we had a joke. Yes a was the last time latifi oscar and it is a very long time ago but again he drove an absolutely perfect race today. No errors. I think fully maximize will he could do with that car and just deserves the outmost credit. So yeah real good story. I think it's just great see for williams and they're now eighth in the constructors championship which may not sound like very much but for the money side of it it is absolutely huge and also i think the the pride and bragging rights come with the. We're on the way back up now. That's yeah i was about say the pride that comes with that alone is to be absolutely monumental. The team been walking waves. Seventy as as you've just said today was just lovely to see. It really was jazzed. How did you feel about that. Double points finish for williams. Let's be honest jorissen. Is that rice in mercedes. That's what he's always worried about by guests in order to get that he has to prove said things in show title. I said you know you need to yourself williams fast. Cut.

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