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Announcements and so then we were like wow that another half flight per person what is that worth and the answer was was somewhere around 100 and forty million dollars annually as the payoff four what for making some funny flight announcements verb flight attendants wrapping for cracking some jokes and so it's kind of this astonishing payoff amine think about the roy of some jokes were one hundred forty million dollars in revenue and what that teaches us is the power peak moments that again most of an experience is going to degrade and memory um and so really if if you run a service experience whether we're talking about as you said a dentist office or an auto shop or a hotel or restaurant you know know that step one is too well and people you know you you've got to get in the game you got to deliver what they won you've got to get him from you know phoenix to nashville in the air that's the way filming bar and that's essential but stepped two is create some peaks because the peaks are what differentiates you and the peaks are what survive in the customers memory now this dovetails nicely with what you i don't know if he did you turn this the oddball effect or is this just something you guys a detailed on the book novelty and the oddball effect where which is the idea that surprise somehow stretches time can you discuss this this sort of brown's xu alarm clock picture experiment i doubt that explained a lot about why as i get older time seemed to to go faster yet so this is a study conducted by a guy named david eagle men of course he's been on the show before no kidding yet a friend of mine so he did a study where you the let's say you were shown a series of images tom a brown's shoe and then it would be another round xu and then another round xu and then another round xu and then it would switch it would be like.

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