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Experts who come to your side. I think you have to be out of a fear of mindset to be able to absorb that absorbent anything else. How do you, from your experience, how do you kind of penetrate through somebody who's immersed in that fear? Well, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is exactly right. I mean, people are extremely fearful. I mean, that is the other part of that, let me just say this real quick, because there's also hypnotism going on. There's mass hypnotism. There's mass subconscious programming. You know, in fear is actually used to access the subconscious mind of the minds of the masses. You know, that would basically what we were seeing is that fear is once people are in a state of fear, it allows them to make them very easy in open to suggestion. You know, television does this in a way like just the actual physical, like flicker rates and stuff of television actually induce alpha brainwave states and hypnotic states into people's minds. But the social engineers and the people that have their that have their influence in the media in Hollywood. In the messaging from the government, they know very well that if they start their messaging off with some fearful image, especially symbolism or imagery, then once they do that, then they can basically just say whatever they want to in the subconscious mind of the viewer, the listener just picks it up and the subconscious mind incorporates that and turns that into unconscious behaviors. So those unconscious behaviors manifest as compliance or what I see a lot of, and that's what I've been helping people with specifically lately is self sabotage. So yeah, there's a lot to this, man. There's a lot there's a lot to unpack here. And you know, when you talk about Google algorithms and such, I mean, there was a time when we had I would say close to organic reach through social media. And there was a large network of people that I would consider independent media or alternative news or what have you. There was a large network of people that were doing it. And some of them were really, really good at using social media. But what we learned from then is that if our message is given, if they open the gate on our message, a whole lot of people really want to hear what we have to say. A whole lot of people want to take the information that we're producing and putting out there and use it in their own lives to make their own lives better to give their lives more meaning to make them feel more connected to give them more sobriety and clarity to give them more to help them be on a path of more purpose. You know, that was the benefit of what we were doing. And you know, there's a lot of my colleagues and associates that I've known over the last ten years. I would even consider Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as someone with his sight children's health defense dot org. Now I repost a lot of their content because they're doing exactly that. They're actually talking about the truth..

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