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Morning news. Are we alone in the universe? Something happened four years ago that might prove that we have Company will explain. Live real time traffic right now with Kevin Dean four years ago, huh? Wow. You got me on that one night. Yeah, I have to stay too good. Dr. Coming in from the south and north on five of the 805. If you're heading up toward towards work on either of those three ways you're gonna be there on time or ahead of time. Plenty time to sit in the parking lot. Find out what happened four years ago. Approved that we have visitors eastbound side of highway 94 lemon at what's out. Looks like a fire. A small brushfire may be off the side of the freeway. There could be even Captain Fire, But smoke is drifting up across the lanes, and that's got traffic slow. That's it. Lemon AB on the eastbound side of the 94 North found five. The unified we talked about that Sam found five and 15 great drive coming into the Dark county. For your passing the south End of Camp Pendleton Highway 78. You're looking at 18 minute drive all the way down through Del Mar. No incidents getting through Del Martin, the Surrender Valley. This report sponsored by Cal Hope and the California Department of Health Care Services. If you're feeling anxious, stressed, or lonely these difficult covert times. Call Cal Hope at 833317 Hope that's a 33317 46 73 or just visit Cal hope dot or talk to somebody who can help hope will persevere Programs next real time traffic update at 6 50. Quick warmup with sunny skies today. Low clouds patchy fog returning tomorrow night into Sunday coast Up to 64 inland 71 the mountains 58 the deserts up to 77. Right now. Downtown. It looks like we are clear and 49 degrees Coco News time is 6 41 Is there Life beyond Earth? Harvard's top astronomer, believes aliens tried to contact.

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