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About that and we're expected to learn more momentarily. Stay with WTO for more on that story and others in just minutes. It is two 48. And we have traffic and weather on the 8s here Joe Conway in the traffic center. Like most turned off in Maryland on the capitol beltway, no current issues to report of note except for the delays on the outlook of the beltway through silver springs should be all volume. I don't have anything reported blocking the roadway. Caller just giving us this one on route one, the crash that Merck road, if I can traffic both ways if you're under the stretch, you're getting by staying to the right police are there. On the Baltimore Washington Parkway, they are looking for a crash northbound after kenilworth avenue, watch for the response there. We've got some pockets of delays north and south between Riverdale and 32. But plenty of breaks along the way on three O one your crashes southbound between act and lane and Barry road under police direction at one point they told us that all the angel block you could use old Washington road or the western Parkway is your best alternate to get around. If you're driving in the district, we've got the Chinese lunar new year parade ongoing, and it's got things all tied up around Chinatown, centered on H and 7th northwest, but plenty of other street closures. That's one of the reasons why Mount Vernon square you're quite jammed up, especially along K street, New York avenue, Massachusetts avenue. You've got heavy delays all around Mount Vernon square with the report of a possible pedestrians truck on 7th and K they're in northwest in the midst of those major delays because of the Chinese New Year parade. If you're driving in Virginia, on the 95 corridor, southbound volume delays heavy and steady out of the easy pass things are north on 95 and three 95. The dulles connector road there was a crash eastbound on the ramps eastbound I 66 still with it. You're under police direction at that point. If you're driving through herndon, the crash on the hernia Parkway affects the stretch between Sterling boulevard and Eldon street. I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic. Now the storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller. Periods of rain, this afternoon, air temperatures will hold into the lower 40s, so a pretty raw damp afternoon across Washington.

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