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G. five. It's the next grill ration-. Remember when ethnic man and MC hammer teamed up to pitch cash for gold. I mean, what was their purple cow? Everybody out. There's a ton of companies out there that were buying gold. Remember that when the economy was cratering and people are looking to turn to gold as a form of hard currency every business and every local town. It's like every jeweler was saying, we buy gold will buy gold. The price of gold was skyrocketing. Remember that people were were fearful that are currency would completely lose its value. And so we turned to who who, who was our trusted source that we turn to to tell us where to sell our gold assets. Oh, no, we didn't turn to financial advisor. No, no. We did not turn to a name. We could trust in the world of currency. We didn't turn to Mr. Greenspan or Mr. Bernardi what we did with? No, no. We didn't turn to any of the Federal Reserve chairman of. Years pass. We didn't turn to a former president. We didn't turn to a former executive of the Bank of America for advice. We turned to MC hammer and at MC man. Why? Because they stood out because Seth Godin, again, he writes, he writes, you're either a purple Cal, or you're not you're either remarkable or invisible, make your choice. Money with gold an all time. I house the time to send your.

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