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I don did not connection here to trump this is a state district judge in fort worth judge robert gonzales he could have given her twenty years in the penitentiary twenty years in prison he gave her five and so now she is locked up behind bars she talked with one of the news organizations in dallas fort worth here is crystal right explaining that she had no idea she couldn't vote nobody ever told her that she couldn't vote even though she had just come out of a federal prison for doing tax fraud she spent three years in a federal prison here's part of her interview from jail you know i mean people people business and you know kids and stuff like that people don't every time and you'll get an application you make mistakes you know what i'm saying is nothing to be in the situation like this state law says that you have to fully complete your sentence before you can vote and she had not done so she was still on felony supervised parole and she voted here's how it happened she went down there to vote and they said your name is not on the voter roll but there is a way you can vote we'll give you a provisional ballot please sign this affidavit and the affidavit clearly says in clear language if you're a felon you cannot vote right if you have not completed your sentence do not vote she voted anyway and they caught her and she claims that well nobody told her and she claims gee i didn't read it ma'am the personal responsibility it's up to you know what's going on don't rely on somebody else to tell you what's going on and don't adjust blaze through the fine print.

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