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From. Christian Institute again. We're back to them again. Justice, Secretary. Humza. Who's WHO's if? The Scottish name Amazon incorrectly told Hollywood. The person's action would have to be abusive fattening for prosecution to take place under the legislation in reality under the draft wording. Just a perception of abuse could trigger a criminal complaint. But after. Liam Kerr MSP, who is also? Also his party's justice spokesman told us if the assertion was inaccurate. A government official has confirmed that the Justice Secretary will amend the record known amends the bill. So that it would need a person to be abusive or threatening now. The records says he doesn't say that. That's the case you could now be prosecuted for just the thoughts. Costa greater cat be taken in the future, saying that even more important. Important given the low threshold, criminal criminalistics is a clear indication in the provision contained with part two of the bill, the hate crime and Public Order Scotland Bill keeps to. Seeks to extend the law on hate crime against particular characteristics including religion. I'm GonNa get to the number. Let me just say here. One can presume that Christianity is not really part of the religion. That is a protected group here. Speaking about? Franklin grimes views, being repulsive, disgusting route dated whatnot, probably be considered a protected a breach under this now, of course you causes not Scott had happened in Scotland would not be part of this. But. The the include groups include religion. Christian probably sexual orientation and transgender identity. If the bill passes the word. Words or behaviours perceived to be abusive and let me disturbed. Hatred could constitute an offence. There'd be no need to show that stirring up hatred had been intended or has taken place I'd I'd. Taking place on here is not an article. The proposals have met with fierce criticism since being announced politicians and organizations expressing concern about the implications for free speech. And, here I put in here, but I've already dealt with it really would Franklin Graham and up, not just canceled, but prosecuted in Scotland for his views well. Yes, he probably would. And Newcastle's counselor had he said these words in Scotland that Franklin Graham's views words were repulsive. Disgusting outdated would have gone scot-free I suspect. Last month of former deputy leader of the SNP blasted the Scottish government over its controversial hate crimes legislation writing in the spectator. Gym Saleh's Sylla's Silas. said the Scotland's political leaders had abandoned intellectual rigor. In favor of the pursuing people through the course he wrote Scots are now locked. They woke chamber. Virtuous signaling pandering to proceed victimhood, punishing anyone who asserts biological fact places A. Halter of criminal criminal places to hold your criminality on free thought when. Articulated by speech, abandoning common sense and that Scotland for you today. Migrants border force intercepts five boats say that. The five boats carrying migrants have been intercepted by border force vessels in the English Channel. Now when they say into intercepted, what they mean is the picked up the passages I gave them free passage to the U. K.. If you? WanNa travel from France to Britain. You have to pay the fan all the Channel Fair. If you haven't to be in the legal migrant. Border Force before you pick you up and ferry you across the channel. My question would not be more of a deterrent if we took the back to front instead of where they intended to go being Dover. asylum-seekers by law required to seek asylum in the first safe country. That they reach? Now I believe that France is not at war..

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