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He's and we kind of touched on this in the interview with him. But he might be even better because he's out of Colorado. And he preview it a little bit. He was talking about how being in the air. They're takes away from his slaughter a little bit. And now he may never give up even contact. They weren't coming close to him today close. There's this great to see. So out of you know, we actually did poolside was kind of funny, and we were praying. Yeah. We didn't. We don't have an RV down. Here. We were kind of just doing everything at the hotel aside from one special guest and remember to go. We I went to go get out of it. He was in the lobby and you're saying by the pool, and it was quiet in the moment came back. The started started gusting little of the women's find Audio's. Great and kids started coming the pool. And I was like e text me like, you got fucking kidding me. The last thing these annoying little kids being jumper the pools. I thought it was gonna come back to like a nine on nine volleyball. Yeah. Somebody that. Luckily, pretty much all worked. Yeah. It was great. So that was a great interview. Then next was sterling, right? John fucking sterling will can't yet king between king between that. Right. And we were able to get hold of John sterling somehow pretty sure he only has a flip phone, and we really get a hold of him. And he was nothing like nothing short of unbelievable. He is what you'd expect? I mean, he he walks in. We tweet out the picture whatever type of shirt, he was wearing was was electric and have a when I walked into the lobby. Yeah. He said I knew you guys would be early. Yep. I knew it. He was talking to sell. He. Yeah. Came back down. And we're really looking for twenty minutes ended up going forty minutes. And then at the end of it. He gave us a very nice compliment. We ended up basically like boys now, John sterling, he was really impressed. It was I mean. You can't top that. It was the best moment of my life. It was I I'd met I've loved on forever. I met him as a fan twenty thirteen interviewed him with Fordham two years ago in the press box. Don't think your member me at all. But now getting getting to be as a fan at WF UV and now with Barcelona. It's awesome. He was incredible. So that will be our March eighteenth interview, it's forty minutes long. It is hid has I-. There's nothing we didn't talk about currency Yankees talked about his whole his whole life and everything history his stories. He's he is fantastic. Is a funny Joe bookstore in there. So that was unbelievable. I kind of like when he walked away took the picture. I did like a Tommy Canley fist-bump after I was so pumped up and then after him. That was with it was that is that. Trying to think my head. No last interview we did. We had some discussions with other players today. Didn't end up. Well, yeah, we should have a few phone interviews. Very very soon with some bigger bigger names. We hope people are giving Luke for shit because he did the starting nine podcast, which rightfully we're corrobos. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. I think he does that. But he will we hope to have him on the phone. He had family down, the whatever things I don't really blame it, but we will have him on soon. Hopefully and. I was just it was a great great weekend. Trying to re embarrassed myself all we can with taps just attempting to death. I'm pretty good at it mean. Wade was very smooth. That's so we we interviewed weighed in a barbershop. Yep. So the way very cool thing the do that at amount of you know, was telling us about was when they don't aren't scheduled to play or they're done playing for the game..

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