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For a way to bigger percentage of the world's population that all these things need hacking they need changing and then you have to have the conceptual tools to analyse where's the basis of the problem and then what would the solution spee as the citizens working together so that it isn't it i guess in especially in my circles said the science fiction community the is there a technical solution that you could just institute is a kind of silicon valley a activist or or um someone working in computers to change the structure of our uh of the internet and uh versus a overt kind of politics legislation is our technical solution notices it remain simply a social solution of all of us talking together about what we wanna make the laws and maybe it's a combination of both but it's worth exploring in stories the stories now need to be concerned with this interface and very seldom are they concerned with this interface this is what maybe what science fiction can do that ordinary fiction doesn't do maybe this is what you topi in science fiction can do that ordinary science fiction or space opera doesn't do at least for me as a working writer where i only you know a book every two years i can't take on every cool story so which story do i tell and this one condom took over and said this is the story to tell talking about interfaces there are a lot of interfaces not just to the global financial system or to society and the novel but to the city itself i mean the city is almost its own.

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