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When we come back, if for short break, we'll give our opinions on the latest from some sprite, young thing from Liverpool circle McCartney. That's a minute on sound opinions from WBZ. Chicago NPR. They go to get you. Dry. Two. Juneau. Why. This is sound opinions. I'm Jim, dear goddess, he is Greg cod and that is the one and only surp- Paul McCartney with a track called. I don't know from his seventeenth studio, solo album, Egypt station who needs to introduce Paul McCartney. He had this band back in the sixties, you know, and then he went onto wings right. You know, Paul has not given us a new album of new material for five years, and he's been everywhere doing a lot of promo for this album. He wants the world to know that it's out there. Let's play a track and we'll come back and give our opinions on the latest from Paul McCartney. This is a song called who cares from Egypt station on sound opinions. People say things. Making. Stew..

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