Yom Hoboken, Suzanna, UK discussed on Overdue - Ep 255 - 10:04, by Ben Lerner (Bonus Episode)


So yellow jersey hoboken actually got some of the worst of that storm yom hoboken got flooded really bad they they they was pretty awful there as i understand it but um yeah like i so the apartment complex we lived in had did not have power for almost a full week on and so we had done or i'd like suzanna's grandmother had just passed away and so she actually was out of town and so she is just me in her apartment all that's right with with the cat and we had taken some precautions i would fill the tub like you're supposed to do with with water um we had a couple of gallons of water and because we couldn't get any we had a little bit of like nonperishable stuff like the cat food yeah yeah zoff fine um i adjust like i dunno i have a lot of a lot of experiences from that like nothing really bad just a lot of legs stories but the thing i remember the most like viscerally in terms of shared experiences was a couple days after like my batteries and all my things were starting to go dead and i just need to like get out and have a hot meal somewhere like powered been restored in a lot of sections of the of the state but in our there're there low pockets of people waiting to get power back for like eight nine days um so i drove to what are those if you live in new jersey you know that like the new jersey mall is a thing leah malls across rural america are dying left and right but the jersey mall in the uk shakeup will institution that will not be.

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