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After reviewing the play the ball hit the ground. The pass is incomplete. Thank you. It's gonna be 2nd and 10 41 yard. Medical staff for the Tennessee Titans continues to look at the injured wide receiver Adam Humphries, the former Clemson star was trying to make a spectacular catch down the middle of the field but came down hard. The back of his helmet slammed down hard on the turf. They have a cart out. They also have a board to stabilize Adam Humphreys. They have not placed him on the board or the cart yet, but obviously they're being very careful with his treatment, and it was a good play by by Jesse Bates didn't get his head in there. Just got a foreign in there in the floor on took country said. It's football. It's snapped it back, and unfortunately, it's Humphrey whiplash that hit the ground hard. He's got at least a concussion. I think they're worried about a potential neck injury. But he's up. They taken awards way's gonna walk off field. I don't think he's gonna be kind of a neck injury of the neck being store, obviously, but he definitely is going to be in concussion protocol will still take him off on the cart, but he's walking to the car. He'll sit down on the card under his own power, so Based on that does not appear to be anything too serious other than a scary collision with his head slamming into the field turf here, Paul Brown Stadium and Jesse Bates involved in another play and scary play. Obviously, I mean, he certainly doesn't want the outcome to be that But the show's as he's shown all season long number one rated safety and football number one rated defensive player for the Bangles this season. His range is his hands have been Outstanding. His tackling, he said. He put on a few pounds wanted to get stronger. Becoming better. Tacklers is doing all of it. 17 seconds put back on the clock, 2nd.

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