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Com for my mom on mother's day. I know you've been hustling, the flowers but mom's all about the berries. Not sure how I prove that I use your code. So I touch screen shot to this Email. My question. How often are the beautiful big boys up front, injuring their fingers while blocking I feel like blocking defensive monsters is going to result in constant jam. Dislocated broken fingers, but we don't hear about it because they just tape them up, and they just go right back in and never misses series, as a guy who did grad school, Wisconsin. I'm currently a post doc at Stanford and I've been listening to your shows since the four letter network days. I've got to thank for the old line, and one wanted to stand more about the battle, thanks so much that's from Michael. Michael the answer is a lot. How often often you know because what happens is you go to punch a guy. And sometimes the only thing that gets a piece of his body is your thumb. So imagine three hundred twenty pounds coming at you as hard as it can. And the only thing that you initially try to four. They're charged with is your thumb. It just doesn't work. I don't know what you're getting your post doc in. But if it's physics do that. So I've sprained my thumb, which is basically you tear that ligament in there in my thumbs multiple times. So I usually got thumbed, more than other fingers. I dislocated a couple, you jam them all the time. They're bruised up all the time. I broke my fourth. What's that met at metacarpal? My in my first game ever. But yes. Now, I will say this. I wasn't much of a puncher I was more of a grabber, so my hands didn't get as beat up as other guys hands, but they still got beat up pretty bad. But guys that are big punchers and really good with their hands man. Their hands would be beat up all the time. You'd see him tape up their fingers every practice every game. They would tape them up and where gloves. It's why I always laugh when I see like a rookie coming into the league not wearing gloves. It's like you'd better protect those bad, boys. Cause any protection just helps there's actually like little pads on the back of your hand. So that if you punch a guy or something, you have some padding, their to question you guys have awesome questions you really do. Please keep them coming. Our have an awesome guest lined up for Monday that I'm very. Excited about. And I want you guys to ask some more great questions. We can dive into some excellent, excellent stuff here on the Ross Tucker football podcast should be getting some new listeners with my Sirius XM days. Behind me now on the radio, and that's always exciting as well that you guys are really, really enjoy it thirty to thirty five minutes, typically, no commercials every once in a while, once or twice a show. I'll tell you about a business that I really like that. I'm fired up about otherwise, I wouldn't have taken him as a sponsor, and that's the deal, and if you want to listen to other stuff over the weekend, check out the Fancy Feast that was excellent with an actual listener a tuck head this week or even money where we got into some debates.

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