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For products will i like events where fans get to meet each other compare notes and kind of figure out what everyone's doing their area on i we'll be talking about you know what it takes to succeed payments when i was thinking about preparing for this talk i was like oh you know typically they're hugging huggies keith lights the interest on knowing from the start people usually ask but depression that gets harrison and you so if i asked us grew up oh you instead of flake how many of you think you'd most publicity just stare at me and then i think i live under a rock right and even if i change the question i said oh how many of you buy things on the internet by products and services i'll still get the same reaction russian and that's basically because came in issue because we do this in an hour all's area we just expected toward no no matter if i go to walgreens and i you know i like using apple pie at walgreens if i use that or find buying something online from a e commerce surgeon origin the expectation is the expedient should be reliable it secure an inspection list says a payment plan the end those are some of the three things specifically the three things that you know you you focus on and you make sure that the the experiences of symbol that people even know and realize the complexity so we have around thirty to forty five minutes here and i want to focus on talk about wiping insists exciting what some of the inherent challenges of being a payments and also the last thing that i think was if you might be crested is what would be unique to have to be successful as payments PM actually traits right let's get to the three year olds can i touch upon these doing the different parts of today's eh this is what i see us as the top three skills i don't think there's any specific domain knowledge and i think this applies a lot of pm in general but i'm call us why i some of these things stands physically for payments PM the first one is being able to be really detailed or intense but also at the same time thanks stepping back and understanding an entire payments slow inexperienced and knowing and tightened up with the detailed feature the building the second is having empathy talk about empathy about the nauseous user entity but using the et these super skills that you have to apply at your partner is that you regret and the third is learning again talk about how countess learning applying in incentive payments a little bit about myself i've been doing a product management from around ten years an art premise that i spent in wells fargo which is one of the largest banks in the country i'm an engineer by background i started my job my first job out of school was that it'd be an engineer for started in india then tech consulting for a very short short period of time on and i joined spargo right after i graduated from i finished my post joined the joined york medicine and even though i was at the at a very large financial institution for almost seven eight years every two years i did something different and i didn't realize it at that time but stepping back now that i think about this on a financial institution which flowed task consumer banking and also had commercial or merchant you know business thanking part and i spent time on each side of those businesses and it helped me gain perspective uh on why different products and services are offered estimates and also how it all comes together right now i am a product manager ed kim's team in briefing if you don't know what she does grocery is tape health service and we look to provide a ah seamless payments experience for merchants and i'm pretty sure even though this is like a small crowd i'm pretty sure all all you have used the payment rails that my team has built because we support merchants like bird and if you've taken you know right with uber airbnb fubon tickets the anger ticketmaster astor or any of the thousands of merchants that before your transactions have on the payment rails it might keep has built and in supports and dan supporting such an impactful payment experience and supporting payments at steel is what keeps things interesting for me what's keeps me going so one of the best things that i think akin should have is is thinking about why something needs to be done and as all of you are here i wanted to cannot instead of just saying this is this payments PM needs to do i want to talk about why you should care about being appendi- PM and why this matters and i need a casual search for a PM jobs in payments commits over the weekend and i had i you know depending on where you surgeon how good the search results for i could see you know hundreds of jobs this is all across the US and and you know and and there are some global you know positions there as well and these are across companies very different companies these traditional financial institutions like wanna fight employers on these are techs companies are innovating in payments and also kim roles in companies that are you know across different word that are providing commerce experiences and if you think about it companies that are providing commerce experiences actually want to focus on payments so that they can optimize human experience yes and that's important because pam experienced what they see is critical in integral to their entire customer experience and what products and services state they deliver so i would say like think about it that way in a way that if you are a company who's providing conference experience you have join us for a prospect and tells they buy your products or service they're not your customer right technically they're still user prospect that you're going after and payment becomes turning point that sticky interaction that converts your prospect to a customer and thinking about it that way i mean yeah that that's the power of making that experience really friction lists and i would say that compan- at each one of these companies lose right on being opinion in payments and a company which is small or a company he would just largely depending on the size of the company is going to look very different depending on the culture of the company acquaint to look their friend and also depending on what the goal of the of the price of the product carport medication that company is way too different but there are some common characteristics and i want to talk about next about you know oh case this is there there's commander came in peons what's pm through legal group across a few different categories so uh-huh if you think about from a perspective off the company or a product areas where you're building consumer financial israel to tools a payment plan on in a complaint did focus on building the right tool for the customer so this would be example for if you're building a if you're building tools for lending if you're building tools where you want consumers to buy your product consent sense hence they could be your mortgage tool your could be your yard you know small business loans and your revolution you know your revolutionizing then making the whole experience easy how would you compare the parks how would you treat a consumer is applying for their product how quickly could you decision then and provide the position should consumer so that's what you know opinion and says an organization like that view it on you have a companies that provide merchant firing processing services if you're a PM PM in in those countries you're looking at efficiently you're looking at simplifying the payment experience forty merging so that the can focus on what their business is in that case you're looking at processing just how you process payments money movement higher you're going to move money fraud solutions are there intelligent way of recognizing fraud as it's happening and minimizing losses the companies and there there are many more five areas in there as well and bridging those is something you know it's it's what e commerce or ecommerce company company would do a payment pm an ecommerce company would be looking to convert their focus is going to be on efficiently converting according to user or their product their prospect to customer focused on optimizing the check.

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