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Nice to have you here. We're gonna start off with an open phone first. Our that's the way to go into the weekend. Strong with some terrible. Telephone calls pick me up. Make me look good one eight zero zero six three six eight six eight six open phones right now. No interviews until the middle of hour number two. And then we go back, and we're Friday sets up that third ours. Always busy because we have the week that was named might be asking yourself. You have do you really Rome? Always not here. Oh, I found alvie I found him on Google hangouts alvian mill with the selfie looking. Overlooking. The canals in Venice, it was awesome. So which brings me back to the original point third hour. Is there a week? That was can I get a hell, yes. James Kelly has informed me that he has a week. That was remember the last time somebody tried to week. It was who was not named Alvin delauro the guy with the pony tail and the Cologne. It did not go. Well, I stopped it right in the middle of it. What's going to happen with the flight deck, or is it I'm gonna fight the expert all about getting the plying up in the air getting the plane on the ground surviving in advancing. And now all of a sudden, this guy's dot cocky by the end of the week. He's got this boss. I got this boss. I've got the week that was man, I cannot wait. I wish I could spend the clock faster. Hour number three. The flight decks week there was all right? So the first hour is opening coming up in our number two. I mentioned we'd go back to back. We're gonna talk some hockey New Jersey. Devils Centerman Brian Boyle at twenty past the second hour, Washington. Redskins linebacker Mason foster, also, an our number two. Now the jungle favorite Tennessee titans. Linebacker Bryan arapahoe in the third hour and then right after Brian arapahoe. The all important weekday was edited by the flight deck. Right. So that's how it all sets up today and an ATP in there. Let's start with the match up last night. I thirsty night football. Look make the point. I that there have been some very good Thursday night games. There have been some very good Thursday night games. I'm not sure that I thought that I would ever say that. But it's true and Green Bay and Seattle was no exception Packers come in desperate for a win on the road. And they could not have gotten off to a better start than they did. Go ahead and roll this James Kelly from the twenty-five.

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