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Let's do this the way it should be done and believe it or not. The protested when he was at that time, listened to him to the point where it was a videotape, the mayor of the city's sword, and actually reach out to that young man and saying thank you for what he did. Because the people actually listen to him, we need more people like him to be able to take the stand and say listen I understand you're angry. I understand what you're going through. You know and as a black man like you said we all have stories. But we don't need to to do this. And this on the people that have lost their lives for things like this. We need to be able to come together. And unity the way we're doing and be able to shut this down and to make sure that from this point on everyone who does things like this? They are gonNA be held responsible for their actions. Devon! Marches said that about ten times in his life. He found himself down on the ground. I think one of those times when we three him, but but I digress. And any heard the words out of a COP's mouth of boy. What are you doing here? And yesterday? I told yesterday I told a story on the show that we me and you have been telling this story for years. And we've always laughed about it, but all of a sudden after what happened to George Floyd and all the discussion that's been going on it kind of took on a different tone and a different meaning, and I'm reminded you the story because I know you know what I'm talking about remembering Houston. HOUSTON. Houston at the complex and yes, so Houston, compact! Center you're driving. You're doing about one hundred miles an hour. You get pulled over. The COP asks you to get out of the car. You got out of the car then I got out of the car like five minutes later and I came to the back by the trunk, and that you and the copper just talking and then I think I said to the officer like the problem officer and you looked at me, and you said Bubba. Not Now he'll shoot me. He won't shoot you. Now we laughed. We've been laughing. We've been laughing about that story for years, but now. You know it. It kind of takes on a different a different meaning a different tone do did you really truly feel that way back then? And like absolutely. No. No I'm just. I'm just trying to fill like how that story could. How could we can laugh at it then, but now it just doesn't seem to be so laughable because. I was by your side for so long. Like other than your mother I really don't know anybody else. That been side by side with you for as long as I have. I don't know if I ever saw you experience like racism or that type of behavior. Any more than I did that day, but it wasn't me experiencing it from the cop it was it. Was You telling me about it? Does that make sense? Yes, and you know me growing up in Brooklyn. You know new. York projects I. If you saw that because you know the police, yes, and somewhere, and they were fearful a lot of.

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