Clifton, Prostitution, Streetwalker discussed on The Rocky Boiman Show


The barriers up in clifton to dry prostitution out of that area y in what happened immediately wind late bad what chretien prosecution cooking big drought in cry fill so if you break down here fish you and you look at what happens when you hear cardio garrod out of a certain area and not really deal with the issue it can we can we get yum to another area ilker win they put up barriers are mc mc in high heels prostitution jump through the roof in only three it was it was like the next day or if we lay literally the next day i mean where you might have seen maybe warner two streetwalker jumped two fiber greek walker in quite pill and it wire situation where you didn't really ill with the issue your you're around and i guess you could claim that you dealt with the issue because now it will not present it was somewhere else it would how so hurry all the issues that they were dealing with on mc mc and now we were dealing with on warsaw in glenn way avenues and great show so it weapon really address the issue it we kind of moving it around and placated that were concerned about it when it was on midwicket oh kelley here it is very difficult situation i understand that by she dapoli did not deal with solving the problem triggered lou the proper very very nice so we've dealt with hookers in events simpson not necessarily mutually exclusive let's deal with the drugs and finally and this was.

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