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Bela looks like he's having a lot of fun in bright of the monster but his biographer insisted that he was totally perplexed and annoyed with woods direct tori all style which involved making it up as he went along and breezing through the materials so quickly that most scenes were only given one take wood could not afford to pay the lab to get the print of bread of the monster finished so he made a deal with sam are cough to own and distribute the movie are cough supposedly made a profit often ride of the monster and with that profit he started a company called american international pictures which would become the driving force in bmovies and youth culture exploitation over the next decade and would also become the home of boris karloff final american movies but we'll get to that next week would also claimed are cough stolen idea ed had written for lugosi about an old horror star who seeks revenge on the studio that dropped ten this was more or less the premise of the american international picture house who make a monster which was about a disgruntled monster makeup man instead of an actor but arc half denied he stole the premise from wide or that woods movie had made him any money at all immediately after shooting bride of the monster bela checked himself into the motion picture country home to get treatment for his addiction after three weeks there he was kicked out because it was discovered that he had an amassed enough recent credits to merit treatment under the facilities roles he was forced to move to the los angeles state mental hospital indigents bela was forced to appear before a judge in order to determine what this state could do for him bela explained how he had come to this point.

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