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Sports desk and Caroline burns there really wasn't much suspense as to who would win the Heisman Trophy LSU quarterback Joe Berle won in a landslide vote over Oklahoma quarterback Jaylen hurts Ohio state quarterback just unveiled and Buckeyes defensive end chase young world passed for over forty seven hundred yards and forty eight touchdown passes leading the top ranked Tigers into the college football playoff the Athens Ohio native spent his first two seasons at Ohio state as a little used reserve he transferred to Ellis you last season and this year was his breakout season the senior thank his offense of line and other teammates first during his speech save his gratitude toward Ellis you coach ed Orgeron for last you have no idea what you mean to my family not in play for three years he took a chance on me it's not known if I could play or not I'm forever grateful for you can you imagine the other co show give me the keys to his football program he just means so much to me my family and issue I sure hope they give him a lifetime contract you deserve Ellis you will play big twelve champion Oklahoma in a playoff semifinal December twenty eighth in the peach bowl one final regular season college game navy beat army thirty one to seven in the one hundred twentieth meeting of that big rivalry game local college basketball Stanford men beat San Jose state seventy eight to fifty eight and St Mary's be cal eighty nine to seventy seven at the sports staff Caroline burns KCBS now but no.

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