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Trevor bayne everybody biding their time right now remaining single file up at that extreme outside line paced by ricky stenhouse junior that route fenway racing there is no doubt that the lead draft has cooled their jets here getting to the end of stage to everybody in lockstep formation as ricky stenhouse junior mcdowell and bowman the top three are in three then kane and then trevor bayne here's ryan newman newman the first car out of line he has absolutely zero help along inside lane and this could be a huge points night rusty for ricky stenhouse junior he came into the night it's race twentythree outside the play offs hasn't won a race yet this year he won stage once we got ten points there if he holds on your wind stage to so suddenly three points outside the playoffs this could be huge for him well we talked earlier in nauseam about how this is an opportunity race for guys like him and right now he's taking full advantage of it he's got a fast car a great engine he calls the car behind the mic modell even though it's not the same team his teammate so he's got somebody to work with right now and things are looking up right now for stenhouse there's a bunch of characters and infield matt adam right now but he doesn't care he's leading us right inside lanes opened up and turn four now here comes trevor bayne ryan newman right behind him and austin dillon mounting a charge on the race leaders all of whom are lined up the outside lane stenhouse upfront mcdowell second then battling sidebyside for third fourth fifth and sixth yeah they're they're shuffling the deck pretty good from third place on back trevor bayne has gone to the bottom of the race track trying to make a path underneath the alex bowman machine the only drafting pain belongs to ryan newman last time through newman had a great run started that run to the entrance of turn three pain came across the nose diplock now pain is the only one of my hill finally find a place in line after losing spots that will put him in back in the eighth position ryan newman right behind him and ninth backup at the front though ricky stenhouse studio heads for the trial will come to the line with one lap to go in stage two stenhouse trying to hang on and score his second career stage victory michael mcdowell would like to get his first they are still lined up single file back to one house won the opening stage he'll look to double down now but michael mcdowell alex bowman snow back there here's jimmy johnson busting a move from the tail end of the top ten he goes to the bottom of the track dylan drops down in front of now both drivers will change lanes and get back in line in the outside leaving trevor bayne ryan newman and now austin dillon the only drivers out of line downstairs the field hits three ricky stenhouse junior looking for another stage win here tonight nothing but open race track ahead of him he's the leader off turn four recchi's steams off turn number four he has the top spot and nobody stepping out of line to challenge he'll come through the triumphal and pick up his second career stage victory had none before tonight he scored two same for rosh fenway racing they had never want to stage before tonight they have to it's stenhouse junior michael mcdowell alex bowman casey kanaan tied in the top five jimmy johnson finished that stage in the six spot kyle larson was seventh austin dillon eight trevor bayne night and ryan newman tenth.

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