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In motion the tight end out of LaSalle High School. Here's a handoff to Jerome Ford and a nice Stop by Austin P at the six does look like that would be a bear cat. First down. You think so, darling, stunning thinking. He's a no signal. First down my bad I thought he's got a half yard shine. Flowing in the game. Chuck is his teammates calling Great, Nice run. They're right out of the bed yet Great to see him back after that severe knee injury had last year happened in training camp just before the start of the season first and goal from the six Ritter claps. The hands catches the shotgun snap hands. It Charles McClelland and that defensive lineman I referred to earlier Josephus Smith, using the low center of gravity made the stop near the line of scrimmage. Sir. Did nice job there. He did not give up one inch courses to 95. We're gonna be hard to push out of there and being that low to the ground. You need a nice job wrapping up McClellan as well for them, No game, but they call him the mini fridge. 59 to 85 2nd and goal from the six Jared Doakes back into running back. Lennie Taylor goes in motion from left to right. Ritter fakes a handoff and he'll be sacked back at 10 set up to throw and never had time to cock the arm. As he was nailed at the 10 yard line for a sack of the game for Austin. P Absolutely, Ajay Sean Jackson coming on the slant route. Michael Young was one on one at basically the whole third of the right side. The right side third To himself, but the Ritter couldn't get the ball released. So now it's third and goal from the.

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