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Out there going through that so basically i cook like housing. Get that is too much is kept bring back so many memories. Because i really hadn't healed you know we always talk about how we heal stubble. We don't like that you so you know fast for so i'm like you know last year i started getting into it on my okay. I started make love these kitchen again and started joining us star loving right and then i started seat it. I can eat like. I used to eat every time i eat some. It was just like i will have any issues with all these things on this foolish. You understand what i'm saying about their. You know then you you wanted to do it right. The thing that brought you painted you kinda was there. But he didn't want to do it. But then you wanted to do it later on what i wanted to do it you know. I say y'all gonna make these is going to be recipes. Like i said chocolate coma cookies. Oh very glitzy. You don't start to get back into the videos. I'm loving eight and then all of a sudden you know everything would get dropped him my mouth okay. Like the bible says men fu fell from the from the sky. Sophy gods people literally like he was just boom when it was going through stuff here you go eat that he was providing. Okay just like what matthew says matthew six you know god's gonna provide he's gonna feed them because he knows what you need and then one day god was providing all this stuff and then all of a set last year it started getting taken away piece by piece. I couldn't eat this. I don't like what am i. Just think that last week. While i'm having a problem for a descending what's going on about those issues shrimp. I was eating shrimp. I had a allergic reaction to that. I'm like what the heck is going on. I mean i couldn't eat. The of i went ahead and got fresh fish and and it was so strong in the house and lamb always a lamb. I couldn't eat lab and all these things and and then all of my piece was like pound and the need. Anything i had an. Nfl elected shock thing. That i want an allergic reaction any all out. You're going through day like literally. You love the officer officer. Nelson is an issue it an essential to like a shocking type of thing. You jeter well with me psychologist up. Whatever you know right okay. You're under the story you know. Go back to the. Podcasts can eat monday. Have you know found. His issues took the taxes support fast forward to the doctors. And then i give me this food this right now like joe i can make love and vs kitchen right. 'cause this holy tom. I'm like i don't want to pick kitchen you because before. I wanna make love these christians in this year. I was like you know. Start get back to regular his and then it was taken from you. And then i wasn't able to eat and i'm like i don't wanna love. Kitchen was pieces everywhere. You gotta get it together. You got an santa's party distant any going today like literally you want it but now you can't have but you realize that as part of the destiny in in the process all the pieces being all over the place you actually realize like oh my god like this this zoo. Yeah i started to realize this is it on my gosh. This is part of it. Is the lesson disappointed lessons. Everything make these catching god. Please make me love me. Love kitchen you know and i kept saying now. Man is no longer draft in my mouth. Okay so what happened is is when meena with dropping him off the food which is come out. Gobble provide okay now. God is like this man drops in their reach. Okay see when it was with moses and gain a bible. Check it out you know. He was giving them everything that they needed. And moses was gonna moses went up to mountain and they never came back you know it was joshua the head to lead them right and things weren't the same and it was going all crazy like things ain't the same male you know in a lot of people's life any y'all athey like y'all go through the same okay so look what happened is okay so now god is i think your reach. You got to reach out and grab you okay. And it's all these foods that i gotta try. He has now taken away. My rice my blueberries the staples that was you know relying on and now going to try new things anybody out there going through day like god took some things away all your pieces all over the place iowa. Okay you wanna you like one he. Okay now you gotta reach out and grab because they go and i'm like this. You know what these things you know. My sister's little jeter and you know anything that you try. You could be jacked up. You know by could send you the nfl exit shot like give up your pen you know like look you gotta be careful. Okay now. Says i'm in healthcare. You know had to be careful but sometimes these things don't happen and to two or three days later you can eat them like yeah. I'm good now. I'll say you reaction like days later. Oh god no you know you sleep. You have anything. But you know what i had to do it. You know i had had a women. Women women women and this is my destiny and this is what god told me to. You know. i need to trust any out there going through something you dislike did all. I got a guy like literally. God told me do all this in here. Let me know this one. Aim for you that when your friend debt one overly lead you like that one eight and all these things hitting you know. You don't need this job. You don't need none of that all you need is me anybody out there you. You just won't do you like all. I got this guy okay. Well that's basically it. That's all i got but you have to remember like i said we're matthew sixes right. Look at the birds air aired any associated or read the harvest. You know they gather no crops instead of barnes and get. Your father keeps feeding them. Are you not much more worthy than they. They put my name veronica. Are you not much more worthy than day. And if you buy worry. Can you edit our lindsey a life. You a little faith. I said well i know. I guess it's just get therefore do not worry or be anxious Easy to strict it saying. What am i going to eat as matthew six. I'm making it up. go check it out. What am i going to eat. That's what he's saying. Okay what are you going to eat. It must be worried about that. No i'm not. This is do not worry for your heavenly father knows that you need them. So let's say hold on. I was talking to my nutrition day. She was like what are you going to eat said. Listen another stuff. I if i go to the farmer's market you know all this stuff is not on there that i can eat. I can eat everything i just gotta try everybody out this kid to try something new like you in a new relationship or something like that. You've got a new whatever but you just so used to how it used to be so you out here and you're just like you going. How used to be right. But now god is..

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