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To nine you know it's like opener seating giving there except than those damn high tables now and all the wind that and somebody couldn't get their hands off of the warm welcome to the well they were blowing their hornet the person's part in front of him but they were okay because their their forward his waveland lancers right and so the host is me you know immediately see this but she the place was practically empty and she wanted to put us right next to somebody else i don't know why they do that i don't know i mean theater mentality and is i wonder if i mean there's got to be a reason for because it happens everywhere i don't know if host if people who are hosting are trying to be consider it to the weight staff so they only they have to keep going back even to claim areas so they've you think about it if you got to tables in their right next to one another every time you're a one table you can check the other table so i guess that makes sense but for the love of god please stop that puts but i'm go waiting for ap yeah committal is places pad you have no choice you take whatever table you get so she was going to set us down there and i said we have this one which was right next to it but there was still a buffer not that i mine but but what what did no one gal yell and that was like oh i apologize in your is something like yeah was are very her first time out i'd yeah oh two years with his machine particularly lives it yes sign the on when she was going it's never gets ever sixty five our brains shuts down i wasn't generally cold blooded cool silla de or something i don't know that yeah that again why did they have to sit great but but what right now i saw the you know they could put them in the corner couldn't put on anywhere no going to be in the corn.

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