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I'm not missing so much of it. And I'm looking forward to going to a raft game ice or a couple raptors game. Just while I'm here because I'm close close to the to the arena, and you know, the beautiful Scotia. Thank rena. Yes. Shebang sounds like what you put on a bagel. Yeah. Did you can we get any more Scotiabank? I everything that I need to spread some of that. Canadian banks open like Isreaeli Israeli banks are open like from one to one thirty on a Wednesday. And that's it. If you don't get your money in there like you're fucked, but our Canadian banks that way too. I don't think there. I can't get a handle. There's there's a few things I can't get a handle on year. And it's like the banks are like you can't be like everything there's just so Jin everything. So generic looking sometimes it'd be a Bank or a dry cleaners. And you're sure what's going on their way. No. It's a Tim Hortons. I didn't realize that could have been all those things if you showed up to your Scotiabank and Justin Trudeau like handed you deposits lip you'd be like. Yeah. This seems normal. That's right. Why is your shirt on? You know what I mean? And this going. Does and. In a tank, gravity boots upside down. Is that just upside down doing at my school? Yes. That is next to the wild. While doing transactions at the Bank while doing while. While. Cryogenically frozen rob Ford that is row. Best sound bite in all of news Rodford. They can do. In a way that was our incantatory die. We said we've made that rob Ford is a lot like. A lot of open space. So I wanna get back to the NBA because I want to hear even your thoughts. Even though you're not following it so closely, I know you are following it. Anyway, LeBron Los Angeles like 'cause when that happened you were actually someone I wanted to talk about and get your thoughts on it like good or bad for the NBA..

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