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Eight twenty Chicago suppressive Toffler facts matter Francis constitutional law experts question front of the house Judiciary Committee Wednesday over the possibility of impeaching president trump went to Kenyon reports professor Michael Gerhard's as president TransAfrica pressure Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden on his behalf is bad enough but so is is obstruction I know there's never been anything like the president's refusal to comply with subpoenas from this body ranking Republican Doug Collins says the president has broken no law in some way in saying you wait all live live with a lot of people listening did the founding fathers would have found president trump guilty is just simply malpractice the house Judiciary Committee is expected to draft articles of impeachment ready still trying to figure why and active duty U. S. sailor who suffering was docked at Pearl Harbor opened fire on three civilian employees Wednesday killing two before taking his own life read more Robert Chadwick says he has no motive behind the shooting at the bases naval shipyard that left the third employee hospitalized the circumstances surrounding the theft of nearly three hundred hours on packages left outside a closed post office in northern California is raising red flag was curious about all this is that Gerry Redmond the undersheriff Amador county about forty five miles east of Sacramento says the same third party delivery service delivered a couple of pilots of packages from Amazon to the same post office that is closed on Sundays the Sunday before an employee who just happen to be their secure the packages in the building and reminded the courier service that Sunday deliveries go to the other post office that is open on Sundays Redmond says they're working on trying to find out who that company is because Amazon isn't saying they have not given to remove the fact they just have not even talked weird after all Amazons a victim here too but victims cannot be compelled to cooperate Jim rope loss and others you at circuit court of appeals in Atlanta will hear arguments about whether a Florida school district should be ordered to allow students to use the bathroom that matches their.

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