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You like to hear the list of presenters? Okay. So far. These are the ones that we know of Tina Fey Whoopi Goldberg Bree Larsen Daniel. Craig Jennifer Lopez Chris Evans, Amy Poehler. My Rudolph Shirley's therein Aquafina, Amanda, Stemberg, Tessa Thompson Constance Wu. That's good. No doubt even with a host. There would be really great presenters. Right. They usually have a whole range of, you know, current and former actors and actresses I did see something to and I was trying to find it, and they can't but something about they're also going to be limiting. They're going to try to tighten up the broadcast the telecast, and there's only going to be like ninety seconds for a person to make it from their seat to finish their speech. Like from the time. They get up from their seat. Ninety seconds has a time their speeches done even possibly don't really know. I don't know. That's why I was trying to clarify. But I think there's a rumor that the performers for best original song will only have ninety seconds to perform a song. So each have a little tidbit of time to do the song, which is making a lot of people mad and people were mad before because they were only going to have to representatives for best original song. Now all five will be represented. But just in a short according to USA today. This year's Oscar winners will have ninety seconds to hope it to the stage get emotional and exit. Oh, that's I mean, that's the part. I think I get sad. I get the most sad about is when they cut. I mean, listen some people do need to be cut. Don't get me wrong. But this is somebody's opportunity to be grateful for the they've been given. If it requires people to be more thoughtful about and getting right to the point. Like, here's the thing. I get that. It's a moment. And look if I were in contention for an Oscar, I don't know how I would react if somebody said my name, I would probably drop trout and just like soil, myself great. I'm just saying he is Lord only knows note to self do not surprise. So I don't know people just happened to look at our window at that moment. It was not pretty. Okay. No. But seriously, I what I'm saying is I don't know how I would react. However, I feel like you could you could practice prepare you could prepare, and you could do a few things in front of the mirror to make sure it limits you now, I didn't know this. But apparently, traditionally they don't count count it until you're on the stage, and then you have forty five seconds. But this according to the show's producer producers, Glenn Weiss and Donna Giuliani. They're going to give winners a total of ninety seconds to get from their seat to the podium and give their speech like, okay, we'll give you more time. But it's going to have to include getting to stage. So maybe that's going to encourage people to hoof it. I'm not entirely upset about that. Because sometimes the Huggies diapers. The hugging. You know, like the moments that they're having with the people around them. He can be does take a long time. And then they get up on the stage. And then there's the awkward like hug hug hug hug. Everybody on the stage, then get your award then turn around. Then get yourself situated then start talking and by then. Oh my gosh. Just put a trap door on the stage. Good idea or get a good hook police. Electrocute them. Dark. Okay. Or did it? Let's see crazy. Stupid idiots coming up next..

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