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At bank of America dot com slash museums what would you like the power to do check with participating partners for operating hours one free general admission per individual card holders of America and a member F. D. I. C. K. twenty three now WBBM business does and for lan Walters truck camper and good morning that opening bell just about six and a half minutes away Wall Street expect to see some winning numbers when it sounds stocks are at record highs futures point to more games we'll see how high they go markets will close early today in about three and a half hours more changes a bed bath and beyond the retailers hiring the former financial chief from target Kathy Smith she worked with bed bath and beyond new CEO mark Tritton now when he was a target them the biggest baby food trended years a slowing down patches of pureed fruits and vegetables have dominated the baby food while the last ten years but sales this year down nearly one percent while overall baby food sales are up two and a half percent yes E. C. investigating B. M. W. for the way it reports sales in this country dealers have complained BMW's trying to pad its sales numbers by pressuring them to buy vehicles for the fleets of cars that are loan to customers having their cars repaired and this year seventy seven percent of us plan to return at least one of our Christmas present nearly twenty percent will return half the gifts two million gifts are expected to be returned by the end of the year twenty six percent more than a year ago with business now at twenty three and fifty three end of the new business our from the Bloomberg news room I'm Chuck can like newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM traffic and weather together.

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