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Earnhardt, jR voice. He's here for dinner, you that would be wild. Hey coming up next. We've got I don't know who he got its Jones, right? Yeah. Brandon Jones I talked to Brandon Jones next on the final lap weekly. Are you are you? Sure. Now. Final lap weekly is on. This is the final weekly. On violent with us today. Is there Brandon Jones once again, welcome to the program yet? Thanks for having us back on. All right. So Rachel season. I'm in your here at the end doing good stuff. Right. Yeah. I wish I the only thing I wish we could have done has made to the last round or tried to at least have an attempt to make to the last round. The the robo was the big question at all on our minds this year. And ultimately, it probably was the one that kind of threw us out a little bit. But we had some great tracks. After that. We've had a great season from start to finish. I feel like as well. I think I've learned a ton of stuff done new information abused at all the way up until this point. And I'm still learning obviously new things every week become the track. I think Phoenix. This weekend's a great kind of testament to to see how much have learned from the Phoenix one to now being to speaking of the Roble. How was it after you've experienced it? Based on the patient for it. I I mean, I think it was great for the fans to see into watch. And for me, it was difficult. But I think I did learn a lot when I come back for next time. If they if they continue to do that in the future. So we'll just have to see whenever that time comes again. But definitely earn some some stuff and what's conservative the first time. I was there but have to attack again, probably next time or so for here at Phoenix. They went ahead and move the start finish line. That must have been a board room, you know, evil guy going, no kidding. I I run on the track. I came on and said all right wanted to doing this three and four is doing this. And I said, wait a minute flip-flop those two numbers. I just told you because I was backwards. So we've been struggling with that. But they've done a great job with the facility. I think money well-spent for sure with this renovation. They just did great for the fans great for everybody to kind of interact with the drivers and gave us some garage salts taste. So I can't complain there. It's really nice. I mean, I it's hard to even describe how nice everything is. I took a walk over by the I guess it's turned four now. The fan experience. It's amazing. Yeah. For sure, and you know, another thing too for a driver standpoint is that the pit road is. So why the pit boxes are probably the biggest because I think we have on on a circuit. Now. I think Indy was up there on forty foot box. This has got forty three foot boxes. So they're huge big boxes lottery. My pit road. So very very different. And I'm living in the lap of luxury there in the media center. It's fantastic. I need to go check that out over there. And that's because I heard it's pretty impressive. It's more that way, actually. Well. Yeah. This wherever it crossed up. Exactly. Okay. So recently, it was just announced that you've got a new teammate at least in the Cup series. His name's Martin tricks junior or something like that. He's not a bad one. I have on your side share. It'd be cool to be able to get to talk to him a little bit. Hopefully and pick his brain some they've always had a great season. So far, we've got a we've got a great group of drivers a j GR all of them are honestly, it's some of the top drivers in the sport right now. So lots of knowledge for someone like me still trying to learn a little bit to go and talk to..

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