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Agency or a large company as an employee a lot of these jobs are now being to the point where they can so long as they have the right software. The right equipment. They can do them from home. So it's a job that has a median salary of almost a little over fifty three thousand dollars per year and then number four journalists now now. This is an interesting one because we have a little bit of an experienced share in this. Is that daniel. Our lead rider has dual degree. Meaning that he went of the university of georgia for journalism degree and then he also went to university of georgia for financial planning degree and he was sharing that. It is hard to get a job in journalism because they're very particular about who they wanna hire and there's a lot of people studying this but only so many opportunities but if you're fortunate enough to get one of these jobs it does look like it's a job you can probably do from home virtually and its median salaries around forty nine thousand dollars one of the things that you were talking about and i think it was. You said this. You said okay. If i was going to if someone wanted to go into journalism or they wanted to like figure out how they could do this from home or how they get kind of sort of hang a shingle and be able to begin writing for for and beginning and paid for that. One of the things you said is journalism is a great thing where you actually can begin to work on a writing portfolio before you actually take the leap so you actually can begin to make a name for yourself and start. Putting together portfolio said that perhaps in this hard market to find a job you're able to set yourself out a little bit differently. No no doubt. I mean building. A brand is getting more and more important between content creation and other things. It's going to translate well into journalism as well but as you can imagine since these jobs are sort of the highest paying virtual jobs. They're in high demands. They're not necessarily the easiest to get into. Especially if you want flexibility to be able to work from where you want when you want in your own terms so we want to share with you some of the easiest virtual jobs to get into. Maybe it's not something that you've done you've done traditionally you're thinking okay well. Is this a job. That has a large workforce or a large demand for workforce where i can get myself into it. Yeah let's jump in because these are these are things. I proof reader. We're talking about copyright or a little more creative energy. That's why it's paid a little hires because more skill set there but proofreaders you better have an attention to detail but there's always people that are looking to go through figure out where the mistakes are make sure that syntax punctuation other things are working. You can get into that pretty easily. The second on our listen to this whole list is from the bureau of labor. Statistics is a customer service representative. I haven't median salary about thirty six thousand dollars per year. And i think capital one recently announced that ninety percent of their call center folks ninety percent. You know you call you. Have an issue are now working from home and they're going to be working from home permanently. I don't know if this is one that i would like. I'd have a hard time with being at work from home. Customer service representative well. I think it's a hard job. Just naturally now look before. This was all virtual. Were you went to university georgia university joe georgia and then daniel went to university georgia and their everybody's known even from when i was in school. There's a big call center. That's right outside of athens. Georgia and i knew a lot of people that went work there because it paid a little bit better than than all the other jobs are paying but it was tough work. One of the things that stood out when daniel interviewed with us is that he actually stuck at that job for a while he was actually a customer service rep for a period of time and extended period. And i was like wow anybody who has to stick with it enough to be a customer service rep because it is tough work. I was pretty impressed with but this is something i think if you have the desire and you don't mind having the headset on you know. Do being a call center for credit card company a bank. it doesn't matter what the product or company but there's probably a one eight hundred number that they'll put you on the other end of that you can. Hopefully you know turn people's problems into solutions this third easy virtual job to get into is one. I was not familiar with brian. You and really had to kind of educate me on this. It's a documentation specialists. And at first. I didn't actually know what that meant. I was like somebody because if you actually look into if you go to the bureau of labor statistics when when daniel pulled out the researcher on this is actually a transcriptionist so this is you know where you see. A lot of this is like in the medical field where you'll have a doctor or doctors that are you know. Every time they see a patient they have to know tate. The foul for what their notes are for that show or when they do a surgery or other things and it's not a common anybody who's got friends that are in the medical field you'll see them with the the probably using their phones but you'll see them dictating notes. You know the konta meals. I was whispering like you know because it's very monotone and they're putting it out there And that's what that's what this job. A transcriptionist documents specialist is somebody who is basically taking those notes from the medical professionals or other things where they're doing transcriptions we get offered transcription services on.

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