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So you know what I mean like. You realize that you're bringing this. If I watched one of my friends if there was a girl walking by this blackout, drunk like literally fall down blackout. You're asking me. And my friend walked up to her. Put his arm around her. Now right instead I'm going I'm fucking this week right there. I wouldn't be as friend right there I'd be like Oh Shit! My friend is a fucking rapist, legitimately a rapist. This is not this wasn't this wasn't up for gray area? We have friends who have been accused of stuff like that. I I yeah, but I didn't watch that happen with my own eyes. I've hearing hearsay that a friend tried to fuck a black drunk chick once I don't know. What does that story I? Don't know, did he? Was He talking about? was there. Was Blackout was the perspective of a person watching it that he was trying to fuck her, but maybe it was you new check, but did I have no idea what happened there. I wasn't there and I'm not gonNA condemn somebody for that without knowing, but I know when I watched with that guy. I watched that guy. Try to fuck and rape a chick meal. We linked him. We flanked him and we try to fight him. It wasn't like there wasn't this book I'm up being a fucking I'm I'm a posturing here. This could happen. Okay, and it wasn't a solid justice and I corrected. We didn't we didn't do it. We didn't do it for the sake of Alwar. The city needs. This this is back. This is closer Te. From today to the days, when Seinfeld was fucking that seventeen year old, we probably could have let it go, and no one would've known but me and Louis saw this shit happen. It was just. Little reaction where I was like Oh. This guy's legitimately going to attack this chick like it was. It was crazy. I've never seen anything like it actually not sure I, remember back in the days of the word tack but you. Just, like get her home and do whatever he wants. She has no idea where she. was literally holding on because she was like Oh, this guy can actually help me stay strike. This girl was at Stanford ORC IF. This is your present I've never. Certainly no intention of the guy was like he was going to try to fund. Helping her listen. This was at Stanford new. York. I mean this is. Between ten and fifteen years ago, somewhere in that range, and this girl was passed out on the bar like face down, and everyone was talking about at the bar like. This fucking check over there like she's alone and passed out drunk and at one point, people were like well. What are we gonNA. Do reunion caller cab like what what? What's happening here and she pops up. POPs are head up smashed. The. She just walks out of the fucking bar and we walked out to be like. What is this chick doing? And she stumbled I mean like stumbling drunk and starts walking up seventy eighth street, the block at York so I was walking up and Louis pop out, and we're smoking cigarettes cigarette like watching what the fuck is this chicken and do and some guy comes like swoops over like vulture shit. India roses fucking arm around her and starts fucking trying to Walker Lake turns her from the direction. She was walking and starts trying to like Walker in the other direction it. When you watch like like a nature show and you watch yes, fucking. All the fucking. Yes and he fucking found the runt of the pack, and put his arm around and started leading on in the other direction on. The content of the pack and me and Louis both like kind of Ran Adam Role Hall. What are you doing? What are you doing? What's that technique? That's awesome to teach me and. Me and we fucking aflame dome. We came in front and back and fucking called out, and we're like what the fuck! Dude and saved this girl's life. Save this and you never get a tweet about that. You never hear that tweet message. Hey Louis. Dave saved my life. Right now, maybe some other. Way But then me and Louis kilter well. That probably wasn't the moment of her life that she figured it all out like I think we just walked her home and that was. That's funny. You guys actually made it where she probably would have been the moment. that. She goes because it's no big deal because I pass out on a barley, guys always fight to make sure I. Don't get hurt. You might be right. The words that happens in Indian guy is a rate me in a couple heroes. We're the that's toys. No I know it's fucking. We never found any of the Dalil. Like hard evidence. I don't have hard evidence but I have that. where he says girls go from fourteen to twenty one well, let's see that club that. No. I know just just funny, but it doesn't. It doesn't look good. In hindsight. He's made a joke now. Those days are long gone. You ever see a fucking fourteen year old. She looks thirty. I've never said there's things fourteen year old girl anymore. They go from like six US until twenty twenty-five. And You really regret saying that last part. What'd you have to? Six. She was six last year Mr Juliet and he goes well. Reference. You goes yeah. The next year. She was twenty five. Six thousand five. Yes, man! What is that really? It's rationalizations. What is six, the twenty four twenty five Mike. Right, like this. Isn't that show? Okay? You want to go on. You want to go on the my two black Queens or whatever go on that okay. That was his job else. Yeah, we're trying to fuck independently like you please. We're trying to find the I. Get what Mike saying it doesn't that listen that clip in light of all of this shit looks bad. He looks bad. That, he's just joking I. Don't think of course. The problem is I'm saying like there's a mound of like this w. you'd always. Comic for doing something Shitty that there's ever been jokes about like because the jokes are supposed to be I, make these shitty. Shitty things because I don't do this well. I never raped a woman because. Have you ever made a joke shore if I'm? Not, in a million years, what an evil person! Though! He's a rapist and he's making rape jokes. That was that. was what it was. He was making jokes, Nigo what does that mean? He's also a rapist theory. That was crazy. Yeah! But now also common advanced like. If you are rapists, you know to make rape jokes. You go in hard. Yeah, they'll never suspects male bill cosby's pro. You guys all accurate inappropriate. They're like yeah. The guy's name on his his Josh Galloway and they were like Josh Calloway. That's that rape comedian. See I that makes the rape that episodes stupidest shit and why the Svu go as a group to watch. The Comic Strip nearly. Alley try to put on everybody. By the way the jokes man if you could find you find the Josh Galloway set as probably anew to the set is so like this would never be killing. What are you going to take? You're going to hear Noah bunch ain't gonNA raise them. This guy's got it not talked as it. Who is there me? Bitch trae. report. It's definitely on Youtube why did he bitch cross? The roads took yet rate. You guys have been fantastic God. Bless. God bless keep going for the ladies recipe's grandma. My grandma died this week to do I love you guys. Stadium doing this. Not Exist Bobby is not easy, probably not that easy to find I think it will be super easy to far naps. It's GonNa. Take a few minutes maybe. What about your ideas is he I think he handled the.

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