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The hour coming up next on msnbc stephanie role she joined me once a week to talk about what's coming up stephanie jeff flake son right now with morning joe and everybody's talking about jeff blake bottomline he was going to lose to kelly ward the republicans were going to lose that seat now kelly words not going to be the nominee it was a good day for republicans yesterday it was a good game for republicans and listen it's easy in the steve bannon and the world to say jeff flake we got another scalp but at the end of the day for true conservative you hugh hewitt i'm guessing on some level jeff flake whether or not he was going to seek reelection or whether or not he was and if you will that it had a message that i think a lot of conservatives probably feel about their party now well i liked jeff thought campaign foreign i've normal time i do not like the corker flake approach to the president right now i believe in getting things done if you look at corker he's got a hold on the senate foreign relations committee on fifteen ambassadors if you're worried about world war three stephanie rule you don't act that way you act as constructively as you can to help the president as much as you can i do not i just don't like people not doing their tommy i agree with you wholeheartedly just like when after charlottesville it gary cohn was so angry with the president only within behind closed doors if you're going to work for the president worked for the president and be constructed don't go badmouth thing and hit a capers and continue to work there i agree with that you look at look at the finishing bob corker bob corker wakes up yesterday trump's tweeting about bob corker liver has the iran deal when you and i both know he voted against yet but he did designed the the legislation which i think is unconstitutional on corker stephanie there are embassador these atta hold on to germany to monaco to djibouti to india.

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