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De Kwan Jones in the middle of the defense and try to get it out on the edge. I think they're gonna have some opportunities to run the football in this game against Carolina and then you integrate some play actions and shore passes quick throws, get the ball out, all those types of things. And you could probably you can score against this defense. It's a good defense. It's 8th in the league and they have an amazing pass for us for their fourth in the league and pressure rate, fourth and sacks, both those guys burns and Reddick and really get after it. But I think there are a lot of ways that this matchup is not terrible for the Patriots. If they do go with some Jakob Johnson or like you said two tight ends, put some bigger personnel on the field and try to be the more physical team. I think that there is that option there against this Carolina defense. To the Panthers offense. And now the exciting part for the show begins for Alex bars because your boy, PJ walker is going to have a chance to start in this game. It sounds like Alex Sam darnold, Mikey already reported earlier today that the right shoulder injury is just as much a problem as the concussion is for Sam darnold. So I mean, he got brought to you, you saw that hit last week, great. Oh, you got it. Yeah. Yeah. Very limited by both injuries. It sounds like through the first two days of practice for the Panthers, PJ walker has been taking first team reps been preparing as the starter all week long. So it sounds like it's gonna be PJ and the first thing that I'll say and then we do have some plays in the vault for PJ walker but the first thing I'm gonna say is you can't let PJ walker is mobility and athleticism take you by surprise. And not that they weren't going to coach it and they're not going to game plan for it and all that kind of stuff. But we have seen in the past that even when they coach it, even when the game plan for it, guys like deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, cam back in Kara is Carolina days. Those players have given this defense.

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