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I don't know how many podcasts you listen to but there are a million of them out there it doesn't matter watch into you can be into skateboarding cooking the ocean podcast about interviews with artists from the cbc whatever that's called either way there's a lot of podcasts out there but a couple of years ago phoebe robinson new is the right time to start her own she's a comedian as she really wanted to hear the jokes that she and her friends were making more importantly she wanted to see black women better represented in the podcast world so she pitched her friend jessica williams jessica williams correspondent for the daily show i'm making a comedy podcast together and just two short years to dope queens has become one of the most popular comedy podcast in the world fans listening all across north america and you know phoebe and jessica definitely talk about big issues like race and gender and they have a very diverse range of guests but more than anything to a queens is just funny he has adjusted no sir here in burundi it is immoral doesn't send me a tax once a week justin for those or him hiking or him just working then i in delicious debt like like if if i don't i don't she's she said i give you the national pride bursting from our airwaves as we speak that just go williams giving phoebe robinson are hard time for her unique love of our prime minister justin trudeau though to be fair it's probably just the star wars sox two dope queens is about to win over even more audiences now that it's a four episode limited series on hbo earlier this week i got to speak to phoebe robinson about bringing her podcast magic to the tv screen why did i say ernie who this week it was yesterday and what this whole journey to start him has been like for a standup comedian.

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