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He becomes the first player to win titles in the Premier League, LA alita and Syria. Rinaldo also reportedly has wasted little time in telling the club who he'd now liked them to sign. Have you seen his list? He provided a list of six players that he that. He would like he wants Veron former team minute realme drid. He wants Iskoe. Also, former teammate it Real Madrid. He wants coast us Manolas the Greek centreback from Roma he wants ten gay in bele Leon midfielder. Who I guess is impressed in the Champions League. Federico keesa twenty one year old fiorentina midfielder like him. He wants and also Zhao Felix nineteen year old Ben fica attacking midfielder. And I mean once you save Iran and is school. You're already gonna be in financial fairplay this money. You're right L D Agnelli's will pay for it. Will you're going to have to offload somebody. And I don't know who I mean, I would look at much for Emory Chan plays the tweet it won't be. Then it has to be somebody value. I look at that. Alessia? Absolutely. That's the first name that comes to mind for me. So there you go I would have had Barcelona on here, but they've been made to wait. Because at let it go Madrid did wind today. Three two they scored an eighth minute winner against it was Valencia that they played today. I don't remember exactly, but they won three two. And so that delays the essentially the inevitable. So the next time we do this podcast. I'll probably be annoying Barcelona's. My man of the match you you mentioned Monica there PS g and the rumors about Tyrian rejoining rejoining rebels as their head coach. Yeah. Snuck nine rentals are denying it adamantly. But I don't know. Sometimes we're there smoke there's fire, but we'll see ready. What are you doing this weekend? Nothing. It's not an answer. Go bowling is that real numb Smith out by actually would like to shame on just scored couldn't even tell you what you were doing this weekend without lying in the amount of time. It's Shane long the score a goal. Unbelievable. Just well, hey, this was fun, my friend. I do want to tell everybody once again to check out laughter. Permitted with Julie Foudy podcast at ESPN. You can find it wherever you get your podcast. I tunes apple pod center, all those places. So check it out because it's I've been listening. It's really fun, honestly, the laughter's permitted. I would hope so. So there you go, man. We'll be back. When do you think, I guess, it's TB? Well next week. We'll have to see what happens this weekend. If things happen this weekend. We have to Monday potus. Not nice actually next week. We need guests on that a guest in a while. Let's fun ghost on. We haven't had a guest in about three weeks. I would say that. Unless you count your says as a guest on vacation. I don't. Obviously. No, all right, fine. Let's do something fun on Monday. Let's let's have a fun time talking to other people that aren't doing me fun permitted. Yes. Will hey, this was fun to you. I say sealer man, take care. Listening to KADO side soccer podcast.

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