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We also do quite like a positive review. So the toy leadership contest is yet to full me begin, yet, all the candidates are going, and there's a lot of them that are now eleven candidates in the. Race to succeed Theresa May when she steps down as party leader on June. The seven there are five main candidates, but a lot of other people phone the hat into the ring possibly just to try and get themselves a better job in the next government, if they haven't got a particular chance of making it into downing sheep. So what should be, let's begin with the top of the race. And where all those people are the most obvious thing is that the fun is Boris Johnson still has not declared his formerly running to be prime minister, even though we've seen more pose this week that show. He is the favorite person amongst the conservative party's grassroots in this state is still looks like it's his to lose. Yes. I think that's right. And I think he's engaged in a bit of expectation management, if you look at the polls and the names of people declared for the various candidates, as you say, there are a handful of front is all around between the twenty Twenty-nine Mark Jeremy hunt. Boris Johnson, Dominic Robb, and so on. What's interesting is some of them are working. Very hold. And Boris Johnson terms of visibility is not working hard. Tool. He's having his private meetings, he's talking to MP's. He's working on the people who are going to vote in this first part of the contest. And I think he is deliberately deflating the level of support. He's got the moment. He's being advised at least unofficially by Lynton Crosby. I think there is an expectation management game gang on him whereby they want people to think, well, you know, maybe he's only got forty or fifty maybe it could be up for grabs. And actually, he's got quite a lot more in the bag is my hunch. And so, I think it absolutely is Boris Johnson's to lose. And I think it's going to be very difficult for those people who want to try and keep him off the top to going to the members, the key thing for Boris Robert is he doesn't want to be seen as the phone because that's quite a dangerous place to be in this race. Because as we've seen is a lot of candidates will go and attack them for being in that position. He doesn't want to be front, but he is to front run. I think he's probably ambivalent about this state is on the one hand he doesn't want to be the target for everybody else. On the other hand, if you can absolutely streak ahead. Then it becomes a fight for second. In place. And if he can really establish himself in the first ballot of MP's, then everyone will turn their mind to being his opponent and not fighting him anymore. Now, maranda green, this is where I think a lot of the considered property, I look in our eat of your own side, with Boris Johnson fine. But then it's the question who is going to be the candidate to beat him because this whole thing will start which down when parliament returns and the nineteen twenty two committee starts to run the rounds to choose the final two candidates. The stop boys candidate was thought to be some by Jeremy hunt. A lot of support, but he made these comments about a new deal begs, and he's really flip flopped on this issue, as seems to be hemorrhaging MP's and momentum. He does he's tried to keep both wings of the pulmonary party happy, which, as we've seen during the unhappy premiership of MRs Ma is quite a difficult thing to pull off. And also, I think he sort of failed to say anything memorable on those Jill positions. Whereas Matt Hancock the health secretary. He gave an interview to all paper this week in which he really decided to take on Boris Johnson..

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