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Mary Bruce near the White House with an ongoing protests this please hold several tennis player ups between demonstrators and service all stretched for several blocks in either direction passionately voicing their opposition to police brutality ABC's Mary Bruce near the White House you're listening to ABC news say no to a news ninety three point one K. at the K. this is bill white along with our KPK news team as we continue our coverage of through the evening or also live everywhere on the I heart radio app you can hear some of the big fifty thousand watt blowtorch fifteen thirty A. M. it's well most of the western states and appreciate you joining us tonight normally regular programming here but a lot of lot of breaking news and also here in Sacramento and let's go to Cape decays Amanda Carroll who has been watching the situation here in Sacramento and that will have ten lance right after that Amanda thanks bellow will getting some more images of what has happened during the daylight in Sacramento her earlier you heard that there were individuals that kind of bashed in really kicked in the windows of the jail downtown and then someone spray painting the F. bomb on the windows that were broken and shattered they did not get through the doors but they were broke and now I'm seeing an image on Twitter from the sack B. of the statues that were defaced outside of the California state library you know it's a very regal building at a beautiful building looks a lot like the capitol building and you see there was spray paint again with the F. bomb the police said and one of those statues at the entrance of the face was painted black and then there was a sign put on it it's a black lives matter so that's the damage that we've seen in Sacramento yes it's graffiti yes there are broken windows but again as we've been saying all evening they're not fires they're not buildings being burned down in downtown Sacramento and we're very grateful for that even hearing reports of people intervening and trying to help the protesters that could have turned more like rioters and to calm them down saying no that's not who we're going to be in Sacramento it's tough to see these images of the these are places that we love defaced but again not as bad as what we're hearing that's happening around the country about okay very good that certificates Amanda Carroll Tim lance joins us up and actually leave Louise our technical producer leave leave both Amanda and Tim live so that we can have a little conversation here and also getting the KPK Veronica Carter texts from her she might be joining us shortly here I I noticed in that term Tim have you jump in here I'm noticing a couple of trends here particularly in the as a reporter and a veteran reporter has been out in the field and you know what that's like in particular in the circumstances and I'm just gonna tell you honestly we have chosen not to send our people out into this because there are a lot of other sources that we can get and it's downright dangerous I see the veteran WCCO TV reporter in Minneapolis looks a photographer has been arrested and I'm I'm trying to find out what that's about Hey are you seen anything on that and and maybe Amanda if you see that too it it looks like he's just kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time because once police and the National Guard move in you have got to move out right yeah absolutely I haven't seen that specific report but I have seen all the reports from media outlets all over the country bill where there's they they have said it it's been at least four or five cases that I've seen tweets that have come out within about the last ninety minutes where they said that their reporters were in one case they use the word harassed of other cases they said that the police were not cooperative with them whatever that particular situation was and what that means but I have been seen that I'm also seeing right now is as we speak the C. H. P. at the capitol right now has begun to expand their perimeter they have a line of officers who are each of the entrances it looks like to the state capitol right now in Sacramento and within about the last five minutes they have begun to expand that line and actually push the protesters back just a few feet at a time so that's what we're seeing right now here Amanda yes that WCCO reporter is that who you're asking about bill that had been arrested or it was a PSPO reporting about the CNN reporter that was arrested a couple evenings ago and then the governor of Minnesota actually apologize for that but you're right it was actually in the wrong place at the wrong time that just trying to do their job and in the way and we're obviously really ever going to something else I just found it here we go okay I just found it here if I'm sorry you know we're all her scrolling through some things that's how we do it today veteran WCCO photographers under arrest taken into custody by the state patrol this is in Minneapolis ward winning photographer Tom avails was struck by.

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