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Crisis. A broken immigration system is a crisis way can call it whatever we want. Our job is to help fix it. They accused Republicans who were also at the border in Texas Friday of having no solutions. Republican members of Congress today wrapped up their visit to a crowded facility run by customs and border protection. And the report of a nine year old girl who died after trying to cross the border from Mexico and Texas was on their minds, Republican Congressman Michael McCall of Texas says. This proves how dangerous the journey from Central America can be. I think it illustrates the realities of situation down there. I think we could prevent this whole thing from happening if we went back to having them apply for political asylum in country of origin. The child was with its mother and younger brother who nearly drowned while crossing the Rio Grande River. They made it to an island where they were rescued by Border Patrol agents. San Diego's mayor and city school leaders today, cautioning students to play it safe and avoid big crowds over spring break, Mayor Gloria saying students, parents and others should avoid large gatherings like the ones occurring in Miami Beach this last week. Disneyland is planning to reopen with limited capacity at the end of April. But city officials in Anaheim are being asked out okay and expansion of the happiest place on Earth. The Walt Disney Company is announcing plans to expand its Disneyland resort company officials will ask the city of Anaheim to update zoning and development approvals to allow for more hotels, retail and entertainment establishments in the park area. Disney officials will have to first worked with the city planners and the Planning commission before a proposal will be heard by the City Council. In all, the process could take two years. Eddie My coven Kogo News on Wall Street today a big date. To close out the week the Dow up 453 points to finish out at 33,000 and 72. It's 303. Let's check out the freeways now, with Coco's real time traffic.

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